This three-part tutorial addresses how to create and apply hot fix rhinestone patterns on apparel using the LXI Rhinestone Wizard plug-in.

Part 1: Design Part 2: Cutting & Weeding Part 3: Heat Press

Place and Press: Using the Stencil to Transfer Rhinestones To a Garment

Step 13: Fill the Stencil with Stones. Now open a container of hot fix rhinestones and pour them over the surface of your stencil. Here, we're using the clear 10Ss stones that come in the rhinestone starter kit. Use a foam rubber brush to move the stones into the holes in your stencil. Most of the stones will drop in right side up as you brush them across the surface. Some may have to be coaxed into place.


This is what it looks like when you're finished. Remove any unused stones and put them back in the jar for use on the next job.


Step 14: Mask with Hot Fix Tape. Now cover the pattern with a layer of hot fix acrylic transfer tape. This tape is especially made for the rhinestone transfer process. No other application tape available from SignWarehouse is suitable so make sure you have some of this on hand. There are five 8.5" x 11" sheets of it in the rhinestone starter kit. Larger (19.7" x 32.8') rolls can be purchased for under $30.00. The tape has a paper liner, which you'll have to remove. Then squeegee it down onto the rhinestones.


Step 15: Transfer to Garment. Remove the tape from the stencil. The rhinestones will stick to the bottom of the tape allowing you to use it to transfer them to the garment as seen below.


Step 16: Set the Press. Set your heat press to a temperature of 320°F (160°C), a cycle time of 20 seconds, and medium pressure. Cover the garment with a Teflon sheet and press. Allow the shirt to cool to room temperature before removing the hot fix tape. This may take some effort. Re-cover the garment with the Teflon sheet and repress to seal the stones and undo any stress on the adhesive caused by the removal of the tape.


All done. A star is born!


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