The best way to maintain peak performance from your PrismJet 48 or VJ-1204 54" printer is to print daily. At a minimum, you must print at least every week. Not printing every week can void your warranty and cause extensive damage to your printer which is costly to repair. For this reason, it is essential that owner/operators take proper longstore precautions before allowing the printer to rest for over a week.
Follow these instructions for long storing your PrismJet 48 or VJ-1204 printer when you know you won't be printing for a week or longer.
  1. Press the "Menu" button on the printer's control panel.
  2. Press the right arrow for "Setup."
  3. Press the down arrow multiple times until you scroll to "Set 19: Longstore."
  4. The printer's display will read, "Exchange Tray: No." Press the down arrow to change status to "Yes."
  5. Empty the waste tray and press "Enter."
  6. Remove all of the ink cartridges*.
  7. The printer will begin evacuating ink stored in the lines.
  8. Insert cleaning cartridges*.
  9. The printer will charge the lines with cleaning fluid.
  10. Once the lines are filled, remove the cleaning cartridges*.
  11. The printer will flush the lines into the waste tray.
  12. Turn the printer's power to "Off."
  13. Empty and clean the printer's waste tray.
  14. Use a sponge tip swab to clean the print head, cap top, and wiper.
  15. Insert the head lock (especially if transporting) until further usage.

* Prompted on control panel.

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