This article instructs users of the Vinyl Express R-Series cutter on how to identify the port to which your R series cutter is assigned. Users of other cutters may find these instructions helpful by substituting all model specific information with that pertaining to their own machines. However, some directions may vary depending on the equipment being used. Our Cannot Open Ports article may also help in understanding how your specific equipment should be connected. We will find the port to which the cutter is assigned by first opening Device Manager on your computer.
  • On Windows 8, Device Manager can be located by hovering your mouse to the bottom left of your Desktop, right click on "Start", and select "Device Manager."
  • To open Device Manager in any version other than Windows 8, right click on "Computer" (or My Computer) and choose "Manage." Select "Device Manager" in the list on the left.

In Device Manager, find "Ports" on the right. Click the plus (or arrow) beside Ports to see the available ports on your computer. Locating Your Port

With the cutter connected to the computer you should find "USB Serial Port..." listed. This is the R-Series cutter. The Com port number you find here is the same Com Port to select when adding your setup in the Production Manager.