Do You Have a Full Waste Ink Tank? 

If your PrismJET VJ48" or Mutoh VJ 1204 Printer is displaying a "NearFullWasteInkTank" or "FullWasteInkTank" message, it is time to replace the waste printer's waste fluid box.

Though the 1204 will operate when displaying the "Near Full..." message, it ideal to perform the replacement before reaching the "Full..." status. (The printing operation will stop when the waste fluid box is full).

WARNING The waste fluid from the printer is industrial waste. Proper waste fluid disposal, according to industrial waste disposal laws and ordinances of your local government, is required.

Consign disposal of waste fluids to a specialized processor. A used waste fluid box should be put in a vinyl bag and disposed of in compliance with the ordinances and instructions of the local authority.

Steps for Replacing the Waste Fluid Box 

  1. Confirm that the printer is turned ON.
    • "No Waste-Ink Tank" is displayed on the operation panel.
  2. Pull out the waste fluid box.Full Waste_pic1
  3. Install the new waste fluid box into the printer.Full Waste_pic2
  4. Check that "Exchange Tank? No" is displayed on the operation panel.
  5. Select "Exchange Tank? Yes", and press the key on the operation panel.
    • If the waste fluid box is not replaced, press the key on the operation panel with "Exchange Tank? No" displayed.
This completes the replacement of a full waste ink tank.