Master the Tool Carriage Arm Adjustment for Your R-Series Cutters 

A new R-Series vinyl cutter should arrive with the tool carriage firmly locked into the track on which it slides left and right. If the carriage is seemingly loose on its track to the point that you can easily pull and lift it, then the carriage was likely knocked off the track during transport.

Also this does not damage the cutter in any way, it will prevent the machine from cutting correctly. The good news is that this issue can be easily resolved.

Watch the video for instruction on securing the carriage in its track. 



You notice that the head is held in its track by means of 3 wheels. Two of these wheels are fixed, and are in the bottom left and right hand corners of the head. The third wheel is at the top of the head, in the middle, and is hinged on a spring. This allows the wheel to pivot up and down.

Before correcting the issue, make sure the cutter is unplugged.

To load the head back in its track, simply slide the top wheel into its track. Apply pressure from underneath the head, and the top wheel will pivot, allowing you to slide the bottom wheels into their tracks. If this is done correctly, you will be able to slide the tool carriage left and right smoothly. Also, if you were to try to pull the carriage head towards you, it will not slide or tilt towards you, as all 3 wheels will firmly keep it held in its place.

Now you have mastered tool carriage arm adjustment for your R-series cutter!