Running a successful printing business, whether on a small or large scale, requires the use of the right tools. These are not enough if the digital media and ink used is not of the best quality for the printing job. Here, at SIGNWarehouse, some of the best digital media and inks are all available under one roof to ensure that each printing job is of the highest quality.

Below we’ll provide an overview of frequently needed media and ink items – and direct you towards suitable products

Laminates and durability

Overlaminates – they are used to protect printed material, making them more durable in order to withstand frequent use. At SIGNWarehouse the overlaminates range includes PrismJET Laminates, ORAGuard Laminates and Avery Overlaminates. ORAGuard includes PVC Free, Stone Guard Film, Gloss and Optically Clear laminates and Overlaminates in its extensive range.

 PrismJET Printing at its best

PrismJET VJ48 Plus Media - Media for various printing applications from PrismJET includes 2 Mil Cast Vinyl, Banner Media, Calendered Vinyl; Film, Paper, Canvas & Static Cling; Specialty Vinyl, Wall Vinyl, and Thermal Transfer Film. Each product range includes several options. All of these outstanding products can be used with PrismJET VJ24, PrismJET VJ54, PrismJET VJ64, and PrismJET VJ48 Plus eco-solvent printers, as well as most MUTOH and Roland eco-solvent inkjet printers.

Adhesive films suitable for various applications

Adhesive Backed Films - Solvent, matt, removable, gloss, ultra gloss and super cast, the adhesive backed films range at SIGNWarehouse includes products for all applications. The adhesive backed films include products from 3M, PrismJET and ORAJET in a variety of sizes and lengths.

They all come with instructions for successful installation.

Banners for display advertising

Banner Media - The quality of the chosen media for banner displays depends on the length of time that the campaign will run and also the type of campaign. Mutoh Banners’ range has Grommeted and Non-Grommeted Pre-hemmed banners, and PrismJET includes Economy Banner and Pop-Up Banner Film in its range. SIGNWarehouse also keeps stock of Freedom and Rio Banners and Non-Curling Banner media.

Media for quality printing

Canvas, Paper & Flag Media - Printing of good quality photos and artwork can be achieved with high quality canvas, paper or flag media and depending on the effect wanted PrismJET 234, Sihl 3609 Picasso, Sihl 3686 Photo Paper, 3689 TriSOLV Satin Photo Paper and Sihl TriSOLV Glossy Photo Art Paper give professional finishes.

Also available is CraftPrint’s Magnetic Paper for the creation of promotional messages and craft applications.

Color for printers

Ink and Toners – Inks are liquid tinted with pigments and toners are fine powders used in laser printers used in inkjet and laser printers. At SIGNWarehouse the range of ink and toners is huge and includes UV Inks, EnduraINKS, OKI Toners, Sawgrass HD Inks, UniNet Toners, Eco-Solvent Ultra Inks and iColor 550 Toner.

Specialty films for adhesive advertising

 Specialty Vinyl Films - One way view, double-sided mounting film and PVC free are some of the specialty films available. The companies represented include ORAJET,  Sihl, DAF, and PrismJET.

Moving advertisement

Vehicle Wrap Media -This is one of the most effective forms of advertizing for those on the move and company vehicles. Depending on client needs there is a full range of vehicle wrap media from ORAJET, 3M, and PrismJET.

Full exposure on the wall

 Wall Media - Offers maximum exposure for company goods and services and between ORAJET and PrismJET there are various textures of wall media to choose from.

…and more - Completing the full range,  other printing media to be found at SIGNWarehouse are Static Cling media, Vehicle Tint Film and their various supplies and DAF Backlit Film.