Direct to Vinyl Printing

Want to create projects with the sublimation "look" without having to learn (or buy equipment for) sublimation printing? Then direct to vinyl printing (DTV printing) is for you! And Siser EasyColor™ DTV will help you get the unique look you want for your projects.
Siser EasyColor
Direct to vinyl printing allows for high-resolution printing on a variety of fabrics, including dark-colored textiles, and can produce vibrant and durable prints. It's also relatively easy to set up and can be cost-effective for small to medium-sized production runs. It is a great option for mom-and-pop to large printing businesses, as it does not require an extensive setup or cleaning like screen printing. 

Siser EasyColor™ DTV

EasyColor™ DTV from Siser is a white, printable material with a matte finish designed to be compatible with desktop printer inkjet ink. It provides excellent print quality with vibrant colors. EasyColor™ is only slightly thicker than EasyWeed and is lightweight enough for polyester applications, yet opaque enough for light and dark fabrics. Simply print, cut, mask, and heat to make full-color creations with your desktop printer!

Siser DTV has expanded its line to include a larger size. Now get 11”x16.5” sheets of EasyColor DTVoffering nearly twice the workable area of the smaller size. Now you can create extra large graphics you've been wanting to make.

  • Compatible with inkjet inks
  • 8.4 in x 11 in size comes in a pack of 50 sheets
  • 11 in x 16.5 in size comes in a pack of 25 sheets
  • 100 Microns/3.94 Mils
  • Can be applied on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends
  • Medium/Firm pressure: 311°F/155°C for 15 seconds
  • CPSIA certified
Application Directions:
  • Print then cut EasyColor DTV with scissors or on a vinyl cutter

  • Weed excess material. 

  • Pre-heat garment for 2-3 seconds. 

  • Use TTD Easy Mask transfer to mask and place EasyColor application on garment. 

  • Place a teflon sheet between the heat platen and the plastic carrier sheet to prevent sticking and edge damage to the transferred design. 

  • Apply heat at 311°F/155°C for 15 seconds on medium/firm pressure. This is a hot peel productSiser Craft Press  Preheat: 3 seconds  Time: 15 seconds  Temperature: 310°F / 155°C  Pressure: Medium  Peel: Hot Cricut EasyPress  Preheat: 3 seconds  Time: 25-35 seconds  Temperature: 340°F / 171°C  Pressure: Medium  Peel: Hot Home Iron  Setting: Cotton  Time: 25-35 seconds  Pressure: Medium  Peel: Hot * Setting and time may vary among irons

Try out Siser EasyColor DTV with one of these heat pressess

Here's a handy "how to" video on using Siser EasyColor direct to vinyl printing. As always, we are here to help you choose the best heat presses and vinyl for your projects. Happy creating!