Web pages on screeen and keyboard 

Having a good Web site is one of the most important things for businesses today.

Sure, many of the older Ma and Pop shops have yet to go virtual and they are still doing business, but they're doing old business, and probably not seeing much growth. Putting your business online shows current clients that you are forward thinking and opens you up to receive clientele who stumble across your Web site from a Google search.

When people search for businesses online they often compare multiple companies before deciding which one to go with. People who regularly use the internet for work or business are bound to make conclusions about your company based on your site.

Consider the following tips for designing a site that attracts potential customers and virtually makes the sale for you.

  • Keep it simple. Make sure that important information is easy to find and clearly stated. Don't bog down the site with too much information, keeping the home page especially neat and clean. Make the information available, but organized and concise.
  • Make it readable. While you may think the black background with the white lettering looks really cool, it is hard on the eyes. Readability is of the utmost importance. Use a simple font on a light background.
  • Subheadings are your friend. Make sure and use short paragraphs and break them up with subheadings that give an idea of what information is contained in the paragraph. Time is not something people have a lot of, and they are certainly not going to spend it reading through loads of content. Make the information something that can be easily skimmed.
  • Create a good linking structure. Making it easier for visitors to your site to find information is always a good idea. When you can direct readers to related content on other pages of your site using internal links you are helping them to find the information they are looking for. It’s like good customer service online!
  • Check for broken links. After every update make sure that internal links are still good. Clicking on a link for information and being told the page cannot be displayed is a definite turn off when it comes to web browsing.
  • Include a search box. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for by including a search box at the top of the page. Make sure items on your site are clearly labeled so that they can easily be found.
  • Get that testimonial page going. Ask your best customers to submit a testimonial that you can use on your Web site. Don’t discount the value of a good reference! People shopping around online are bound to look at what others have said about your business, so make it good!

This may seem like a whole lot of common sense, but remember, common sense isn’t all that common. People will pass judgment on your company based on the state of your site. If your site is sloppy, or in need of updating, you aren’t doing your business any favors. Take the time to make your Web site something that you can be proud of, something that represents your company and sells your product.