We have put a considerable investment of people and resources into our Tech Support Department. We have many folks staffing the phones, emails, and web sites that deliver technical support to you. Because we send out surveys on every support ticket we open, we know the majority of you are very pleased with our tech support department. In fact 94 percent rate us in the top two categories of satisfaction. Typical is the response we received below,
"I must say that when I first purchased equipment from SignWarehouse I was concerned about the support that they would actually give. But now, I wouldn't think twice about referring your company and your products. I have continued to receive prompt, accurate, and friendly service from ALL of your departments especially Tech Support. Keep up the good work! Thanks, David Dye DyeArt Custom Airbrush and Graphics"

Thanks, David, for your kind comments! We are proud of our Tech Support Department... and we are determined to continue improving so that we can raise that satisfaction score even higher!