Hook 'Em Horns!  
Boomer Sooner!
Roll Tide!

Go Cowboys! 

A snipped of the SignWarehouse Team Colors Guide for NFL and NCAA teamsA sample of the college football team colors in the SignWarehouse Team Colors Guide


Showing Team Spirit

If you pay attention to any large crowd of people, there's no doubt you will see at least one t-shirt, hat, koozie, or other item bearing the team colors of that person's favorite football team. Whether college ball or professional football, people of all ages have a favorite team. And fans love to show their team support with wearables, drinkables, and other pro football and college football items. Why not add creating personalized team color items to catalog of services? You can by using the Sports Teams Colors Guide.

SignWarehouse has produced a three-page, free, downloadable guide to help you find appropriate vinyl colors in indoor, outdoor, and heat transfer vinyl for collegiate and professional football teams. Using this Guide will help you find just the right color combination to help you make these items for customers, friends, or just yourself.

Sports Teams Colors Guide

This helpful sports Team Colors Guide has specific color combination recommendations for indoor, outdoor vinyl and heat transfer vinyl to approximate the colors of popular colleges and pro football teams. It shows these recommendations in Siser and Logical Color heat transfer vinyls, Oracal 631 indoor wall vinyl, Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl, and enduraGLOSS outdoor vinyl.


Pro football colors from the SignWarehouse Team Colors Chart
A sample of pro football teams' colors available in the SignWarehouse Team Colors Guide


How to Use the Team Colors Guide

If you would like to expand into personalized items, sports team items are a good place to start. Signs, drinkware, and wearables can be customized right in your home or shop in your chosen team's colors. Apply vinyl decals to drinkware and signs using indoor or outdoor vinyl, or use a heat press and heat transfer vinyl for wearables. Consult our three-page Team Sports Guide for the team colors before purchasing the vinyl.

How Not to Use the Team Colors Guide

In your enthusiasm to create custom team merchandise, do not accidentally stray into committing a copyright violation!

Any and all uses of a sports team's logos, team names, team copyrighted slogans, or even an individual player's name would put you at risk to be sued by that professional sports team, university, or player. If a team became aware that you are using their copyrighted slogans, names, logos, or players' names, they could take legal action - an expense and hassle you do not want to incur.

That does not mean you cannot create items supporting a team. You can use the Team Colors Guide to create items that support professional and college teams without violating their copyrights. For example, you could create a customized mug or sign saying "Go, Horns!" because that's not the official team name for any college or professional football team, nor it is a copyrighted slogan. Think before you make your products!

Create Signs and Window Graphics

In anticipation for an upcoming football game, some businesses encourage their employees to show team loyalty and support by displaying signs in their offices, especially on casual Fridays. Signs with "Go, Green Bay!" in the team's colors of yellow, white, and green are not uncommon (mentally insert your local team name and colors here). Employees like to have team-supporting signs to put on their desks and pin up to their cubicles, too.

Creating team-supportive indoor signs and banners using Oracal 631 indoor vinyl, after consulting the Teams Color Guide for appropriate colors, can be an easy way to show your shop's support for a football team while displaying this as a customizable item for sale.

Have you ever traveled to support your team and passed glass storefronts or cars with window graphics supporting a team? Someone created those signs for those individuals and businesses, and you can get into this game, too. EnduraGLOSS outdoor vinyl can be used for temporary signage on vehicle glass, store fronts, or other glass surfaces. It is a nice option for a temporary sign, just in case the team has a horrible losing streak!


EnduraGLOSS on a metal tumbler
An example of how EnduraGLOSS adheres to a metal tumbler

Personalized Tumblers and Drinkware

If you want to create personalized items using decals rather than a heat press, a previous SignWarehouse blog talked about how to use vinyl decals to customize metal drinkware. These products continue to grow in popularity as personal and corporate gifts and team loyalty showcases. No matter the season, these cups are found in cars, on desks, and in hands.

EnduraGLOSS outdoor vinyl is an option for tumblers, too. Also Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl in the colors of the team you see on the Team Colors Guide can be used to create custom-crafted tumblers.


Heat Press Items and the Team Colors Guide

Never worked with a heat press? Don't be intimidated! Heat presses take up a small amount of space but produce big results. They allow you to design textile-based products with complete flexibility and ease. Professionals and crafters enjoy using heat presses to make it easier to create custom sports team items.

Let's start with cap presses. If you do not already offer personalized caps in your business, it is a low-cost and profitable way to create add-on products. And using the Team Colors Guide will help your caps feature the colors of the teams your customers support.

Use Cap and Heat Presses with the Team Colors Guide to create custom team wearables
Customize wearables with heat presses and the Team Colors Guide

Using the EnduraPRESS Cap Press, create hats and caps with accuracy and precision. Because of the low-cost to produce, they are an easy sell because of their affordability. Customized caps are some of the most desired customized products and are an impulse purchase for many customers.

Personalized T-Shirts

Shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, totes, and other flat items can feature team colors using a heat press. Clamshell heat presses are a great option for smaller work areas as they use less space than swing arm heat presses. If you do have room for a swing arm heat press, the EnduraPRESS SD20 Digital Swingaway Heat Press is a great option for creating custom wearables.

For smaller home or work areas, the Endura PRESS CS15 clamshell heat press features a simple, space-efficient clamshell design that is suitable for most HTV applications.

After consulting the Team Colors Guide, colors found in Siser heat transfer vinyl or Logical Color Warm PEEL vinyl can help you customize t-shirts or other flat items for individual or businesses sales. Visualize the words "The Boys are back in town!" on t-shirts or totes in the appropriate team's colors and you can see the possibilities.

Save Your Guide

Even if you are not producing - or even interested in offering - team sports products right now, think about downloading and saving the free SignWarehouse Team Colors Guide. You may need the information later, and it can save you hours of research and guesswork if you find you get requests for these items at a later time.