Personalized mesh hats
Teams and clubs love having matching wearables

Ah, the spring and summer months. Sublime is a perfect word for these months, because they offer us "advantageous circumstances" so much of the time. And most of us anxiously look forward to these months every year, especially during dreary, blowy, and grey winter days.

What do spring and summer months mean to you? What images come to your mind - vacations, graduations, family reunions, relaxation, baseball games, kids’ activities and sports? Increased business opportunities, perhaps?

You can create sales through sublimation. There are many customized items people love to have in sunny scenarios:

Beaches = bags for carrying towels, snacks, koozies, and sunscreen

Baseball = hats, uniforms, team brand items

Graduations = gifts, college mascots, etc.

Family and school reunions = group pictures, matching t-shirts, printed memorabilia

Thinking of all the spring and summer activities makes most of us smile. And as business owners, we know that accompanying the sunshine and blue skies, the desire for more personalized products is also increased during these months. Everyone loves a takeaway to remember what they did each summer. Can you say sublimation opportunities?

Personalized keychain
Keychains are small but impactful personalized items

Sublimation Opportunities and Options

Sublimation: Process by which solid substances are, by the aid of heat, converted into vapor, which is again condensed into the solid state by the application of cold.

Car vanity plate sublimation blanks
Parents love to advertise their children's accomplishments on their vehicles

Your opportunities and options to become a sublimation expert abound! Because of the uptick in recreation and family activities during the spring and summer months, opportunities for creating and selling sublimated products also increases. Happy people like to remember the good times. Sublimated items individually customized are an easy upsell for new and current customers. No organization is too large or small to be a sublimation customer! Sublimated items can be produced in bulk or in small quantities, and items come in a number of sizes. Easily personalize items with HTX sublimation blanks.

There are a variety of HTX sublimation blanks for customizing products. These blanks are easy to personalized to advertise and support spring and summer activities. Sporting events, scout group ventures, business meetings, family and school reunions, gifts, raffles, and more, are great opportunities to sell customized items. When you create sublimated, personalized items with custom designs, sayings, or text for these items, you make a connection for that group and with your customer. Repeat orders are common when customers see the variety of high-quality items you can produce for them. Without real effort, you create sales through sublimation and open up an entirely new revenue stream.

Headband for infants ready for sublimation
A personalized headband for a cute baby sells itself

Sublimation with HTX Products

HTX Sublimation blanks for customizing products are always a great choice. The list of opportunities to distribute special items, paired with the variety HTX sublimation blanks available to choose from, allows you the freedom to take a wide approach or specialize in one type of item. For example, you can offer HTX sublimated apparel (perhaps baby headbands) as your business specialty, advertising to daycare facilities or "Mother's Day Out" groups.

You could also offer sublimated products from the wide range of HTX items like keychains, drinkware, or other items for purchase.

Drinkware blanks ready for sublimation
Customized drinkware is always a top seller

Watch this short video about HTX drinkware, which is ready for dye sublimation.

The video may spur your imagination on how you can expand your business products for summertime activities using HTX sublimation blanks for customizing products.

Design Help for Customizing HTX Blanks

If you have never explored adding customized products to your business, you may be concerned with the design and sublimation process. There's no need to have trepidation - we are here to help!

A challenge in customizing items like keychains, laptop covers, koozies, and more, is knowing how the artwork will fit on the sublimation blank. How will the designs line up on the blanks? There is no need for trial and error. SignWarehouse has a library of custom design templates at your disposal.

Simply request them on the Contact Us section and the designs will be provided by our Product Support Department. We are invested in your success!

Paper vs. Teflon

We previously posted an article about the reason Teflon sheets are not a good idea for use with sublimation. Why? Two reasons.

  • First of all, sublimating with saturated color can occasionally cause the ink/dye to bleed through the sublimation paper. And then if a Teflon sheet is used, it can bleed through the transfer paper onto the Teflon sheet, causing the next sublimation blank to get the ink from the bleed. No one likes sloppy seconds!
  • Secondly, with Teflon sheets, the ink/dye may bleed down onto the lower table of the heat press. What a mess.
Sublime sublimation transfer paper
The right transfer paper makes sublimation easier and tidier

For these reasons, we recommend that each sublimation job involve three sheets of paper. One sheet of sublimation transfer paper and two sheets of copy paper. The copy paper sheets go above and below the item to be sublimated. One sheet will protect the heat press table and the other will protect the heat platen. After the press cycle, simply dispose of all three sheets of paper.

As far as which heat transfer paper to use, we recommend this Sublime Sublimation Transfer Paper for use with dye sublimation ink on 100% polyester fabric and polymer-coated sublimation blanks. Available in two sizes: A3 (11 3/4" x 16 1/5") and A4 (8 1/4" x 11 3/4").

  • Exceptional quality prints
  • For hard surfaces and garment decoration
  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Non-print side colored for error-free loading and printing

Free Advertising

There is no need to advertise the fact you provide customized products. Try displaying a few sublimated items in your shop or storefront using different designs and ideas to encourage new and bulk orders.

Are you a member of a team, club or organization? Why not offer to create a few customized koozies, water bottles, or drink holders for your club?

As you can see, sublimated products are a great way to expand or start a business. They are popular as business and personal gifts, and with the number of different HTX sublimation blanks available, will give you many choices for you to specialize in one item or offer variety packages for teams or businesses.