Spend time planning SEO strategies for your sign making web site

Getting your sign making web site higher rankings on search engines such as Google should be a part of every company's business plan. The more comprehensive a Web sites' SEO is the more visible it will be in search results. More people stumbling across your site while searching the internet translates into more traffic on your Web site, which can boost clientele and sales. A professional in SEO can help your company make its way up in the Google rankings. However, if you are just getting started you can put these 10 basics into place before hiring a consultant to help you with the complexities of SEO.
  1. Track your progress. Figure out where you rank in the search standings using tools like Alexa and the Google toolbar. You have to know where you stand, else how can you judge whether any of your new efforts are working?
  2. Choose integrated keywords. Are your keywords used throughout your site, without sounding ridiculous? Include them in your titles, content, image names, and URL. According to PC World the most important place to put them is in the title tag and page header.
  3. Map it out. Your site should have a site map which lists all the pages on your site and links them together. A site map is the easiest way for spiders to search the site and bump you up in the standings.
  4. Link back to your page. The most basic SEO strategy of all is that of back linking, which boosts traffic to each page on your site. When creating new content link it back to older, applicable archives, creating a web across your own site.
  5. Use image descriptions. Spiders only search text, so make sure and name your images using descriptive keywords. Add captions to photos, and use the text surrounding your image to describe the image as well.
  6. Skip the flash. It's pretty, but it does nothing for your SEO. Use Flash and AJAX sparingly at best.
  7. Make your URL search friendly. Having a URL such as 'www.signblog.com/11768/s305.htm' is hardly going to help your SEO. Modify your URL to reflect the content of the page, such as 'www.signblog.com/banners/vinylbanners.htm.'
  8. Content. Keep it fresh, updating with using content regularly. A blog connected to your site is a great, pain-free way to consistently add new content.
  9. Make friends. Link exchanges with similar businesses can prove beneficial for both parties, directing traffic to your site and adding to your credibility.
  10. Use social media to the full. As your content goes up, announce it across the social networking sites you use, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This increases the possibility that your message will be passed along by others on the social media highway.

What SEO tips have you implemented and found successful? Please share them in the comments section below.