PrismJET54 Gen2 Large Format Printer

If you’ve worked in manufacturing, you may have heard of the term kaizen. It’s a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. Kaizen has become the driving philosophy behind some of the world’s best-known brands. It’s baked into lots of outstanding products, including the new PrismJET 54 Gen2 large-format printer. As the name implies, the PrismJET 54 Gen2 is the second generation of our best-selling eco-solvent inkjet printer. It refines the technology and features that made the PrismJET VJ54 so popular. The result is a better, faster printer that’s easier to use, maintain, and enjoy. What sets the PrismJET 54 Gen2 apart from earlier PrismJET printers?

PrismJET 54 Gen2 Overview

The PrismJET 54 Gen2 is only the second generation 54-inch PrismJET, but it’s the latest in a line of outstanding outdoor printers that stretches back 20 years. Since 2000, the PrismJET brand has delivered brand name quality at the SIGNWarehouse price. That combination equals unbeatable value. PrismJET is the synthesis of cutting edge Japanese engineering and the American entrepreneurial spirit that enables people to realize dreams and drive success. Like the PrismJET VJ54, the 54 Gen2 incorporates a patented wave print algorithm that blends speed with quality. The new model enhances these features with a new print head, new wave effects, simpler maintenance, and smart innovations that make it more user-friendly than ever.

PrismJET 54 Gen2 Features

The PrismJET 54 Gen2’s advancements are found primarily in the new TruPOINT print head. But, there are also thoughtful enhancements in media handling and mechanical design. Here’s a quick summary of what distinguishes the second-generation 54-inch PrismJET.

TruPoint print head: The TruPoint print head is a variable-dot micro-piezo print head engineered for the demanding environment of large-format eco-solvent printing. The new head has 1,600 nozzles, an 11% increase over the previous model. The nozzle density is 66% higher for better nozzle resolution. The combined benefit of these improvements is a 12% boost in print speeds while maintaining excellent print quality.

Wave Printing: Boosting production speed without sacrificing quality is a hallmark of the PrismJET’s patented wave print algorithm, now in its third iteration. Wave printing fires the nozzles in various wave patterns that virtually eliminate the banding found in traditional piezo print heads. The new iscreen effect is the latest development in the PrismJET wave print firmware. It translates the TruPOINT print head’s advancements into photo-realistic high-resolution output (Fig 1).

iScreen wave effect pattern on print from PrismJET 54 Gen2 printer with TruPoint print head.
Fig 1: The iScreen wave effect optimizes print quality from the new TruPoint print head.

Built-in Color Sensor: The TruPoint print head also has a built-in color sensor that supports automatic bi-directional head alignments. This makes setting up your printer for various print media easier than ever.

Nozzle Select Feature: The advanced piezo technology in the TruPOINT head enables users to bypass clogged nozzles so that critical print jobs can be completed even when the head is in suboptimal condition. This allows you to keep printing through job completion so that maintenance need not interfere with productivity.

Triple Head Height setting: The PrismJET 54’S TruPOINT print head can be set to three different height settings. This allows users to fine tune print quality on a wider range of materials, from backlit film to scrim banner and everything in between.

Barcode enabled media management. The color sensor on the TruPoint head also solves what was a vexing problem on older printers. At times the PrismJET VJ48 and VJ54 could run out of media during a print job. If left unattended, this could result in wasted ink where the media feed stopped while printing continued. No more. The PrismJET 54 Gen2 uses a barcode scanner to determine the exact length of media remaining. The printer can then alert operators when the end of the roll approaches, and stop printing then the roll is depleted (Fig2).

printed barcode on media illustrating a  new feature of the PrismJET 54 Gen2 printer.
FIG 2: The new barcode feature tells you how much is left on the roll and stops printing when at or near the end of the roll.

Simpler Inside & Out: To make printer maintenance easier, the PrismJET 54 Gen2 has been redesigned with a secondary door to facilitate access to the head and capping unit. The cleaning wiper is now a standalone part that can be replaced in seconds. And the pinch rollers can now be individually actuated with the touch of a finger.

These are just some of the smart features that demonstrate the spirit of kaizen and continuous improvement engineered into the PrismJET 54 Gen2. The sum of all of these improvements is a large format printer ideally suited for today’s fast-paced, commercial and industrial production environments.


One thing that didn’t need improving is the EnduraINK PRO ink in the PrismJET 54. EnduraINK PRO delivers the perfect balance of outdoor durability, vivid color and environmental safety. EnduraINK Pro Is an advanced eco-solvent ink, manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. It’s rated for up to three years in outdoor applications without lamination and produces a broad color gamut and excellent abrasion resistance. Despite this industrial toughness, EnduraINK Pro ink is CPSIA Compliant, EN-71/3 Compliant, California Prop 65 Compliant, and GBL Free. And it’s the most economical way to power your PrismJET.

Profitable Print Applications

The combination of the TruPOINT print head and EnduraINK PRO ink make the PrismJET 54 Gen2 a formidable platform for large format printing. PrismJET outdoor printers have always been extremely versatile. The 54Gen 2 is no exception. The range of supported print applications is limited only by the list of compatible media, which is extensive.

The PrismJET 54 Gen 2 works with cast and calendared printable vinyl, scrim banner media, photo paper, backlit film, canvas, perforated vinyls, heat transfer film, semi-rigid polymer films, reflective films, and even holographic sign vinyls. Popular and profitable print applications include:

  • Printed promotional banners
  • Promotional banner stands
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Custom vehicle graphics and fleet marking
  • Point of purchase & other commercial signage
  • Indoor backlit displays
  • Photographic reproduction on canvas
  • Removable and repositionable wall decor
  • Removable commercial & residential murals and wall decor
  • Permanent and removable window graphics
  • Permanent and removable floor graphics
  • One-way view commercial and automotive window displays
  • Durable custom apparel transfers
  • Promotional posters
  • Industrial labels
  • Novelty decals

Excellent Support

Large format printers can be intimidating. We make it easier with expert product support, easy-to-follow setup and tutorial videos, a generous suite of custom-built ICC profiles, and available on-site setup and training. Each PrismJET 54 Gen 2 purchase includes a full year of complimentary Gold support, as well as unending access to our extensive library of online documentation and assistance. We’re here to help you succeed.

High-Value Starter Bundles

Exceptional value is part of the PrismJET DNA. The PrismJET 54 Gen 2 carries this tradition with excellent value in the form of comprehensive starter bundles designed to equip you with all the essentials for less. Whether you’re looking for a simple printer package or a full system with a large-format vinyl cutter, and laminator, we have a value-packed starter bundle that’s just right for your needs and budget. You’ll find them here.

Unbeatable print quality, outstanding value, productivity, simplicity and versatility. These are some of the features that have made PrismJET the choice of so many professionals for 22 years. The spirit of Kaizen driving continuous improvement is evident throughout the product, from the new TruPOINT print head to the easy-access maintenance door. This commitment to quality helps us to continue to support the aspirations of our customers and deliver a PrismJET 54 Gen2 that’s better than ever.