PrismJET 54 Gen2 Basic Setup & Training Video

Congratulations on your purchase of a new PrismJET 54 Gen 2 large-format printer. You’ve come to the right place to get started. The setup & training video includes essential information for registration, use, and maintenance of the printer and bundled RIP software.

To view the PrismJET 54 Gen2 setup and training video tutorials, just scroll or swipe down the page. Below, you’ll see all of the setup video’s segments and their respective summaries. We suggest you watch them in sequence when you setup your printer, then come back and view them at your discretion as needed.

As comprehensive as we tried to make the basic setup video, it’s not the only support resource for PrismJET owners. The User Manual and other resources are available on the PrismJET category page.

After you complete the Basic Setup and training video, click the link at the bottom of the page to view the Advanced video. The Advanced Setup video covers the automatic bi-directional head alignment system, media barcode feature, media take-up system, and more. 

Segment One: Floor Stand Assembly

  • Assembling the floor stand
  • Mounting the printer

Segment Two: Ports & Pinch Roller

  • Power & Ethernet Ports
  • Cables & Accessories

Segment Three: Printer Registration

  • Getting the Activation Code
  • Registering the Printer

Segment Four: Initial Ink Fill

  • Initial Ink Fill
  • Loading Cartridges

Segment Five: Loading Media

  • Loading Print Media
  • Media Initialization
  • Head Height Settings

Segment Six: Control Panel

  • Power Lights, Display Screen
  • Function Keys
  • Display Messages
  • Setup Menu Basics
  • Media Initialization Options

Segment Seven: RIP Software Installation

  • Downloading & Activating LXI RIP Software
  • Production Manager Printer Driver Setup

Segment Eight: ICC Profiles, Color Management, First Print Job

  • ICC Output Profiles
  • Driver Options
  • Default Job Properties
  • Input Profiles & Rendering Intents
  • Color Space
  • Basic RIP & Print workflow

Segment Nine: Recommended Maintenance

  • Nozzle Checks, Cleaning Cycles
  • Recommended Usage: Printing
  • Recommended Maintenance: Cleaning
  • Replacing Consumables

Advanced Setup & Training Video

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