PRISMJET 235 High Tack Solvent Printable Media applied to a Honda ATV "low energy" plastic shield. Image printed with PrismJET DT.

There’s a new category of printable vinyls on the market. These adhesive backed films are designed for application on “hard to stick” substrates including certain plastics and porous surfaces. We’ve just added our second such product in the form of PrismJET 235 High Tack. PrismJET 235 is 4 mil, premium calendared high tack solvent printable vinyl with a special high bond adhesive. (The first product was Hexis VCR200.) PrismJET 235 is designed primarily for installation on “low energy plastics”. These include polypropylene, polyethylene and similar compounds. What’s so special about it and what does it do that other vinyls can’t?

PrismJET 235: High Tech, High Tack Adhesive
PrismJET 235 is designed primarily for installation on “low energy plastics”. These include polypropylene, polyethylene and similar compounds. These substrates tend to generate static fields that weaken standard adhesives preventing them from wetting out properly. The result is they never quite bond to the substrate. For more on low energy plastics, please refer to our Vinyl Sign Graphics and Low Energy Plastics blog post. The new advanced acrylic adhesive compounds used in products like 235 and Hexis VCR200 make them ideal for application on dirt bikes, ATVs and “Quads” (or four-wheelers), snowmobiles and water craft. These vinyls can also be used to label carts, garbage cans, and flat, slightly porous surfaces such as asphalt. There is one caveat. You’ll quickly find that this is not a removable vinyl. The adhesive pull strength of this vinyl is about 50% higher than that of vinyls with standard adhesives. Once it’s cured, it takes an immense amount of effort to remove or reposition it. Careful installation with application fluid or a hinge method is recommended. In addition to its high tech, high tack adhesive, PrismJET 235 offers the following benefits:
  • High white point and matte finish for vivid color
  • Uncoated face film suitable for printing with solvent, eco-solvent, Latex, and most UV inks.
  • 4 mil premium calendared construction suitable for application on flat surfaces and simple curves.
  • Outdoor durability of up to five years in vertical applications.
You’ll Need some Armor

In order to decorate dirt bikes, you need a little more than a high bond adhesive. The hostile environment comprised of jumps and brush will make short work of any decal that’s not covered with a thick, tough, overlaminate. The companion overlaminate for PrismJET 235 is our new PrismJET 238 Armor overlaminate. 238 Armor is a tough, 12 mil film that adds a high degree of abrasion resistance. It’s also highly conformable so that it adheres faithfully to the same curves as the vinyl. In addition to providing rugged abrasion resistance for motocross stickers, Armor overlaminate film is also a great choice for covering decals on football and motorcycle helmets.

PrismJET 235 High Tack can broaden your product line to include a host of exciting and profitable graphics markets. Use it with 238 Armor overlaminate film to create vivid, rugged digitally printed graphics. Now you have the perfect media to customize your snowmobiles, go karts, Jetskis®, zambonies, garbage cans, garage floors, and so much more.