The demise of the older AT42 was announced April 11th. Because we have so many customers who came to love that quirky yellow clear tape, SignWarehouse bought all that R-Tape had left in stock at the time and now our supply has been depleted. So what’s a loyal “V Rat” user to do?
AT75 Clear Choice App Tape to the Rescue
Clear Choice AT75 App Tape

 Clear Choice AT75 App Tape replaces the old AT42

Fortunately, R-Tape had a ready replacement. As the April bulletin announced, “Clear Choice AT75, a clear embossed high tack application film, is competitively priced, and already successfully used in the global marketplace as an AT42RLA replacement. We recommend your existing AT42RLA customers test the Clear Choice AT75, which will provide similar, if not better performance.”

One could say that AT75 is the same thing, only different. AT75 offers the same embossed texture in a more transparent face film without the yellow gauzy effect. It’s as if they removed the yellow tint and odor from AT42. They also removed the RLA formula. So AT75 is not considered a layflat tape. But it makes up for that with other unique features.

The embossed embossed face stock that made it look like gauze. You can buy a 12” roll and tear it right down the middle to get a couple of 6” strips. Pretty handy if you had a small job to mask and don’t want to waste a big roll.

AT75 features air-egress technology. The embossed surface of the AT75 face stock impresses a grid pattern of air-egress micro-tunnels in the adhesive. So AT75 is engineered for bubble-proof pre-masking. In addition to all these benefits, AT75 Clear Choice costs about 10% less than AT42RLA.

For a complete list of the features and benefits of this nifty new product, click here.

While you’re there, feel free to drop a roll or two into your shopping cart. You’ll be glad you did.

The new and improved AT75 Clear Choice offers air egress, better clarity, better lamination, and no static, all at a lower price. That’s what you call progress.

For a detailed comparison of AT42 and AT75, please refer to the chart below.

AT42 Clear Conform AT75 Clear Choice
Embossed face stock for easy tearing by hand Yes Yes
Clarity for multi color overlays Poor Good
Handling during application Good Good
Lamination Good Better
Odor Smells funny No Odor
Release from graphic after transfer Good Good
Static Some after application on vinyl None noticeable
Transfer from liner Good Good
Unwind Good Good
Yellowing Yes None