Have you ever seen wine glasses that are etched or a nice mirror with a frosted effect? You like that look, but you are not sure how to pull it off. You don’t want to pay the price for some of them on Esty for personalization. The etching cream can be thick and messy. There has to be something a little easier to manage. Well put away that cream and get out your vinyl cutter! Oracal 8510 and 8810 Etched & Frosted vinyls are here to save the day! Oracal has two different types of vinyl that give an etched or frosted look to glass, signage, and other decorative items. Let's take a look at Oracal 8510 etched vinyl and 8810 frosted vinyl. Both offer unique benefits for different kinds of etched glass applications. Which one will suit you best? Let’s find out.

Oracal 8510 Etched Vinyl

Oracal 8510 is a 3-mil, etched-glass calendared vinyl. This vinyl is great for decorating glass for shop windows and doors. The outdoor durability is 7 years. 8510 comes in two colors, silver and gold, either coarse or fine texture. It has a translucent finish. If you are looking for a more traditional etch finish, 8510 would be the perfect vinyl. The fine finish gives a smoother feel on application. The coarse etch version has a textured finish and feels more like etched glass. Which one you choose would be your preference of appearance and texture. There is no price difference from the colors or finish.

Oracal 8810 Frosted Vinyl

Oracal 8810 is a 3-mil, frosted-glass cast vinyl. 8810 is good for long-term indoor and outdoor decorative designs, giving a decorative sparkling effect on glass. The cast has the same seven-year outdoor durability as 8510. It comes in 5 popular colors -- Soft Pink, Light Blue, Mint, Silver Grey, and Gold. 8810 has a slightly more transparent finish than 8510.

Rolls of ORACAL 8510 and 8810 etched & frosted vinyl

How to Cut and Apply 8510 & 8810

Oracal 8510 and 8810 etched & frosted vinyls are both 3-mil films. A standard 45-degree blade can be used to cut these materials. Both are transparent films and are not as dense as some of the 651 colors are. The need to make standard vinyl opaque can also make certain colors denser and harder to cut. Don't assume the same force that works with white works just as well on black. But, since 8510 and 8810 are translucent, they're easier on your blades.

Unfortunately, the frosted look comes from a small amount of metal flake in the face film. This makes the vinyl a little stiffer and therefore, easier to tear when weeding. Also, use caution when weeding because smaller details could get lifted from the liner accidentally. Because of the frosted finish and translucent face film, it can be tough to see the cut lines when you weed 8810. Here's a tip. Try placing your cut vinyl on a light box. The illumination under the film can help you find the cut lines. That way you don’t weed out the wrong part or miss spots.

application tip for masking ORACAL 8510 etched or 8810 frosted vinyl.
FIG 1: As shown, it doesn't look like anything is masked. You can make a line with a ruler to help with installing.

https://signwarehouse.com/products/oratape-ht55-high-tack-transfer-tapeMost Oracal vinyls have a dense, face film that is great for weeding, but not so great for masking. We suggest using a high-tack transfer tape like EnduraMASK High Tack or Oratape HT55. Both are paper tapes. With frosted vinyl and paper application tape, when masked, it can be hard to see the decal. This makes it more challenging to place it correctly on your substrate. Here’s another tip. Draw a line near the middle and use that to measure from, as shown in FIG 1. Use the center line as a reference point when you place the decal.

One common concern with window graphics is exposure to the elements and to mischievous fingers. To protect your graphics, you can apply them on the inside of the glass. The clear adhesive makes this work. To ensure the letters read correctly, remember to flip or ‘mirror’ the letters before you cut them. The vinyl can be applied either with a dry or wet method. Just be sure the glass is clean and dry before you apply your decorative decals

ORACAL 8510 & 8810 etched and frosted vinyls create a posh look on glass. You get the elegant look of etched glass without the mess of acids and etching cream. Now you are prepared with the know-how to add that extra little elegant touch to your wine glasses, a chic look for your bathroom mirror, or an upscale ambience to your office windows. Oracal 8510 starts at $60.95 for a 15 inch by 10-yard roll. Oracal 8810 comes in five colors and starts at $102.95 for 15 inch by 10-yard roll. Order your roll today!