People contact network social media
So how can you get your sign business more involved in social media?

With Facebook approaching 750+ million users and over 11 billion queries hitting Google per month society is in a state of information overload. Over 5 billion people are mobile subscribers and the amount of information created in just a few days is difficult to even comprehend. The way that the media, consumers, and businesses interact has changed drastically over the fast several years in a variety of ways. Public Relations professionals, or the guy at your business who handles dealing with the press, can do a lot for your business when it comes to mastering the technology overload we find ourselves in today.

Just because many sign shops are small businesses doesn't mean they can't take advantage of the advances in technology geared toward linking people to businesses on a more social level. After all, small businesses are known for their personal touch. So, how can you get your sign business more involved in social media? First off, it is important to understand the relationship between search and social media. When the powers of good SEO combine with social media, they can create a whole lot of buzz for your business, and a snowball effect when it comes to marketing. When trying to understand social media and SEO keep these things in mind:

  • Think like your customers think. You need to know your target market and develop the ability design your social media in a way that they will find what they are looking for on it.
  • Research the best ways to use SEO in different avenues of marketing, such as through Blogs, on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stay on top of trends in social media by keeping marketing research fresh
  • Do keyword research relevant to your sign business in order to better attract social media users
  • Learn how social media combined with search engine optimization of your site can increase media exposure and help public relations
  • Constantly work to improve the way your business uses technology to improve quality, scale, and efficiency of marketing.

Marketing and public relations meet in the middle when it comes to search and social media, and understanding that will enable your business to bring a whole new game to the table. Stay on top of search and social trends by enlisting the help of a good SEO strategist, and getting into social media. Help bridge the two by bringing in a social media expert to give you a few tips. (Or, just search our site for some of the many articles we've shared on using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for your business.)