At SignWarehouse we always strive to bring you the most up to date information about exciting new products. While we no longer carry Forever TransferRIP Software, we invite you check out how to create amazingly soft t-shirt transfers with the UniNET iColor PRO RIP Software. Just click on the link below.

Soften T-Shirt Transfers with UniNET iColor PRO RIP Software





As good as the OKI Pro 8432WTWT laser transfer printer is, we've just made it better. The Pro 8432WT is our most appealing white toner solution. The Oki Pro 8432WT is extremely versatile because of its new black - white toner swapping feature. This solves the age-old OKI CMYW problem of washed out color when using composite CMY to create black. Now OKI users can replace the standard white toner and drum cartridge, pop in the Black cartridge set and produce more vivid prints on standard papers and light apparel. As good as the OKI printer is, it's even more compelling and user-friendly when upgraded with the optional Forever TransferRIP software. TransferRIP adds smart features that save money, soften transfers, and enhance durability. And it's now included in most of our Oki Pro 8432WT packages, so you get more garment decoration bang for your buck. How does it work, why should you buy it, and how much does all this added utility cost?

Forever TransferRIP Overview

Before we talk about how the TransferRIP software upgrade works and how it excels, let's cover the basics. Forever TransferRIP is a standalone software application that includes drivers for all OKI laser textile printers. It also comes loaded with ICC profiles for all major brands of laser transfer paper. Profiles for Forever's own Laser Dark No-Cut would be expected, but TransferRIP also supports Neenah, Magic Touch and Shockline laser transfer media. In addition to profiles for all major transfer media, TransferRIP software includes a screening option that converts solid layers of toner to half tones patterns. This gives the applied transfer a much softer hand and reduces toner cost. Proper use of TransferRIP's screening options can also make your transfers more elastic so that they wear better on stretchy garments. TransferRIP works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and requires a PC with a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, and an open USB port for the dongle key.

TransferRIP Benefits &Advantages

There are lots of advantages to using the Forever TransferRIP upgrade. Here are the top five.
Fig 1: TransferRIP Screening options save money and soften transfers

  • Simpler Design: Preparing artwork for laser transfer can be complex. You can use LXI RIP 12, FlexiPRINT, Flexi Sign & Print 12, or Adobe PhotoShop. But you have to take a few extra steps to create and manage the white layer. Photoshop users have to create a clipping path that generates white from the Oki windows print driver. TransferRIP simplifies things by adding the white layer for you. So you don't need to create it in your design application. You don't have to determine how much smaller the white layer should be in order to achieve correct CMYK-to-white registration. Just create your image with a transparent background. TransferRIP creates the white under-base and suggests the right choke setting for optimal print quality. This benefit alone can save you hours in design time.
  • White Layer Opacity & Choke Control. The 4th Step in the TransferRIP workflow is the spot channel control. The RIP's default spot color setting is designed to save money by adding White only where it's needed to support bright colors in the design. It reduces the Oki print driver's default setting of 400% down to 150%. That saves lots of white toner over the life of the printer. This feature alone generally pays for the added cost of the RIP. TransferRIP also allows you to increase the white layer opacity up to 400% for super opaque white and vivid color (FIG2).
  • Color management tools. Select and replace colors, control saturation, and increase or reduce color by channel. The color management tools allow you to optimize customer-supplied artwork upstream of the printer.
  • Softer Transfers & Lower Toner Costs. The final step includes the afore-mentioned screen or rasterization options that convert the image from solid layers of toner to halftones. There are presets engineered for use with light and dark apparel. Each includes several options for dot sizes patterns, highlights and shadows. The use of the halftone features makes the final transfer softer by placing toner only where it's needed. This feature adds gives the applied transfer a softer hand and reduces toner cost by up to 40%.
  • Cost Calculation Tools. Speaking of lowering toner costs, TransferRIP also has a powerful cost calculation tool that allows you to see the exact cost of each transfer before you commit to print. It's a great way to manage your profit and productivity.

TransferRIP Process

So how does TransferRIP work its magic? Does it require a full day training seminar or a PhD in Transferology? On the contrary, it's an easy, five-step process. To make it even more user-friendly, the entire workflow is outlined in the user manual which is included on the setup disc. And there's a whole library of YouTube training videos to help you get up and running. Here's a quick summary.

1) Load your image file and select the paper size.

2) Make any color adjustments if desired: Increase or decrease saturation, replace a color or range of colors, or adjust any of the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black channels.

3) Preview the Spot Color layer and make any desired adjustments to white toner opacity and choke

4) Choose printer settings. Select the appropriate media type, set your mirror, and screening options, and click Print.

Price and Packages

Now we come to the $64,000 question. Or in this case, the $599.00 question. And that's the answer. That's the SignWarehouse price for all this garment decoration goodness. Considering the TransferRIP advantages, it's an excellent value. If you already have an OKI WTprinter and would like to simplify your workflow and soften your prints, you can order it online. If you don't have a laser transfer printer yet, you can get an OKI Pro 8432WT Economy Plus package with a 16 x 20 swingaway heat press, Forever laser transfer media, TransferRIP and more, for under $8,395.00. The new black toner option makes it more versatile than ever. But when you consider the added benefits of TransferRIP software, it's a deal that's too good to pass up.