EasyWeed Stretch is a great solution for decorating athleisure and performance apparel.

Change can be scary, confusing, or disruptive. But, as manufacturers improve processes, they often find new ways to make products better. That’s the good part. You get better products that help you provide better quality to your customers. The bad part is, well, it can be confusing. Is that new version better? Why doesn’t the new roll look like the old ones? Is it defective or did somebody at the plant make a mistake? Production stops, phone calls are made, anxious questions are asked. We’re here to save you some phone calls. There is a slight change to one of our most popular HTV films. Siser EasyWeed Stretch has a new look.

What is Siser EasyWeed Stretch?

For those unfamiliar with this version of America’s number one selling heat transfer film, Siser EasyWeed Stretch is just what you would expect from the name. EasyWeed is Siser’s hot-selling hot peel HTV. EasyWeed. EasyWeed is ideal for application on cotton and cotton-poly blends. EasyWeed Stretch was introduced to provide better adhesion on challenging stretchy fabrics like Lycra Spandex. Since yoga pants and leggings have become a mainstay in the fashion market, EasyWeed Stretch has become an essential item in every T-shirt shop. It's also great for decorating high-end products like 'athleisure' and performance apparel.

Stretch comes in most of the same colors as EasyWeed. But it performs differently and costs more, so you want to keep them separate in your shop. But it looked exactly like EasyWeed, so it could cause a little confusion from time to time. That is no longer a problem.

New Frosted Liner

Siser has changed the self-adhesive carrier on EasyWeed Stretch from the industry standard clear liner to a frosted one. It looks a little different. It's noticeably less glossy than the clear liner on EasyWeed and the older rolls of EasyWeed Stretch (Fig 2). The first thing you should know is this isn’t a mistake and it doesn’t affect how the product works. The time and temperature settings are still the same (pre-heat garment for a few seconds, the press for 20 seconds with firm pressure at 320°F). The cutting features are the same because the face film hasn’t changed. And it’s still a hot peel film, so you can go quickly from one pair of cool custom leggings to the next.

FIG 2: The Black roll in the front shows the new frosted liner. It's less glossy than the old liner, seen on the roll at left.

The only thing different is the appearance of the liner. And this is a good thing for shops that use EasyWeed and Stretch side by side. Now it’s obvious which is which. You can use EasyWeed on cotton and cotton/poly blends and save Stretch for the challenging stuff. No more time wasted trying to figure out which is which. No more costly mix-ups.

How to Order

Siser EasyWeed Stretch comes in 21 colors, so there are lots of choices from basic Black to Ballerina Pink. The rolls are 15 inches wide and come in lengths from 15 to 150 feet. Prices start at just $42.99 for a 15” x 15-foot roll. Click here to shop

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s certainly the case here. Siser’s new frosted liner on EasyWeed Stretch is a change. But the basic product is the same. You get the same great color range, same hot-peel productivity, same super stretch & rebound performance. But now, with the new frosted liner, it’s easier to use EasyWeed and EasyWeed Stretch side by side and never mix them up. Siser says ‘You’re welcome!’