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Consider these 5 types of outdoor signage that a signmaker can sell

Outdoor signage is an important way for small businesses to project themselves in a big way. When an outdoor sign is placed in the right location, it can serve at a catalyst for sales and income. It is important that you as a small sign making business offer a number of outdoor sign options to meet the needs of your clientele. Consider these 5 outdoor sign options:
  1. Banners. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of signs for small businesses because they are budget friendly, easy to use, and effective! Banner come in all shapes and sizes, and can be hung outside on awnings, from the side of buildings, inside windows and on doors. They are extremely versatile and practical for small businesses looking to increase their advertising sign usage. See our category of posts on banners.
  2. Mobile advertising. Perhaps the newest player in the game of outdoor signage, mobile advertising isn’t letting being the newbie slow it down. In mobile advertising a business purchases the space on the sides or back of a mobile advertising truck, allowing their business to reach a scattered audience. The idea has caught on quickly since it allows small business to reach densely populated areas with their goods and services. Some mobile advertising trucks divide up space on each side of the truck, allowing for more than one company to advertise on a side. Mobile advertising trucks often drive through high-traffic areas, attend crowded events, and park in congested areas, making sure the advertisement reaches as many eyes as possible.
  3. Sandwich boards. Sandwich boards work well in down-town areas where local municipalities allow them to be placed outside shops and on the sidewalk in front of small businesses. They are used to draw traffic into the store by highlighting specials and other attention-grabbing details at the business. These signs work well for indoor businesses, because they can be pulled inside the shop at the end of each workday.
  4. LED Signs. LED signs are a popular solution for businesses with a little more to spend in the budget department who are looking to advertise during the day and in the evening, with the possibility of scrolling messages. These signs are bright and animated, and definitely add a pop to the wall of any small business. See previous post on LED signs.
  5. Billboards. These large, traditionally road-side signs are the Mama Bear of all signage. They are big, they are in your face, and they are effective. Set them by the side of major roads, highways, and high-rise buildings where they will be seen in masse. Technology has advanced for billboard signage, making the latest digital model images brighter and crisper.

Does your business specialize in outdoor signage?