What do you sell the customer who wants a big, eye-catching window graphic, clearly visible to passersby, but out of reach of passing vandals? What do you offer the retailer who wants a 4' x 4' window graphic that won't be damaged or disturbed by necessary window cleaning? What do you sell the restaurateur who wants an extra-large photo of his extra-large pizza in the front window, but doesn't want to block the light coming in or the view looking out?


You sell them a graphic produced on DAF Inside Mount Window Perf Film. Inside Mount Window Perf Film is one of the most innovative films in years. It fulfills all of these roles because it's a one way view, perforated film with an innovative printable adhesive. Here's how it works.

Printable Adhesive: The most amazing thing about Inside Mount Window Perf is the unique printable, low-tack adhesive. It loads in your digital printer just like any other media. There are no special loading procedures. It's not reverse wound and has no extra liners that need to be removed before printing. Just load it and print it. The face film is covered with a low tack adhesive that holds your ink just as securely as a normal vinyl face film. It's pretty nifty. And the print quality is as good as that of any other perforated media. You will of course lose small details due to the loss of 40% of the surface area, so don't design graphics with 12 point fonts. They won't be legible. But for large, bold graphics visible from across the street, it's perfect.

When you remove the print from the printer, you can feel the tack of the adhesive, but, since it's a low tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive, it doesn't interfere with handling the film. Like most perforated films, Inside Mount Window Perf comes on a liner that prevents ink from passing through the face film and messing up your platen. Once the print is done, you can remove and discard the liner. Or, you can leave it on if you'd like the print to have a little extra 'body' for easier installation. Then peel it away and discard it.

Mount it & Move it:  About that installation, there are no special steps. Obviously, you'll want to clean the window with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust and dirt. Make sure the glass is clean and dry before mounting. And, since this is a solvent & eco-solvent compatible media, you'll want to allow 24 hours for out-gassing before you slap it up against the glass. Otherwise trapped solvents may damage the print or weaken the adhesive. Once the print is installed, it can be removed or repositioned with ease.

If left in place, the adhesive will hold for up to two years. So consider it a short to medium term installation. Most retailers will want to replace window graphics more frequently than that anyway. As noted above, this is a 60/40 perforated film. The punching process removes only 40% of the original surface area, leaving 60% of the face film for your printed image. This results in a higher quality, higher resolution print compared to the 50/50 perforation ration of most one-way-view films. But it also limits outward visibility a little more, so this is not suitable media for vehicular applications. Sorry latex & UV people. This one's for solvent & eco-solvent ink only.

The Best part... So we have a new one-way-view film that allows retailers to show their wares without blocking the view to the outside. Its 60-40 punch pattern supports higher quality prints which make for more compelling signage. And its ground-breaking printable adhesive allows it to be easily mounted inside, protecting it from dust, dirt, detergents, and delinquents. You would expect a film this good to cost a little more. You'd be wrong. It costs about the same as a conventional perforated window film. DAF Inside Mount Window Perf is available in 27" and 54" widths and roll lengths from 12 to 41 feet. A 54" x 41 foot roll costs $495.95. If you want to start small, you can order a 27" x 12 foot roll for only $84.95. Try a roll for your next window graphics job. You and your customers will be delighted.