There's an artist (of some sort) in all of us. Some people are talented in painting, sculpting, and drawing by hand. Others are more adept at digital art. And even if you don't excel at those forms of expression, you can explore your talents by creating (and selling or giving away) custom vinyl decals and stickers. Designing custom decals and stickers is a fun way to personalize items for gifts or to dip your toes into the world of crafting.

Back in 2005, a couple of ingenious guys got together to form what is now a very popular handmade crafts website. If you Google "custom vinyl decals and stickers" then no doubt their now-giant business, featuring thousands of sellers, will pop up. All over the internet you will find uses and designs for creating custom vinyl decals being used in creative ways.

Start Small with Custom Decals

If you are already a hobbyist or crafter, you know that vinyl decals are an easy method to customize small projects. Decals for teams and clubs, graduation gif

ts, personalized hats, shirts, and other wearables, drinkware, school supplies, and more, are commonly used. You can create decals for yourself to speak your mind, show your support for a cause, or just to advertise your skills. If you have not yet tried exploring your crafty side, why not start small with decals?

Custom vehicle graphics

Since custom decals can be permanent or removable and can feature text or designs, you can even choose to go big with your hobby - even turning it into a small business. Wall decoration using text is increasingly popular. Get creative making car window and autobody designs and advertising, company loyalty gifts, school spirit items, custom vinyl stickers for laptops, sports teams memorabilia and college loyalty items -- without violating trademarks, of course. Using your imagination, you can find all kinds of uses for custom vinyl decals.

Tools to Create Custom Decals

What can help you get started or expand your craftiness in making and distributing vinyl decals? Check out the many options of MUSE 15 vinyl cutters and vinyl plotters and MUSE ARTisan cutter packages specifically-designed for small projects and crafters.

Unleash your inner artist with the MUSE 15 Crafter's GiitterSOFT bundleThere are a variety of MUSE 15 bundles, many of which include vinyl to get you started creating custom vinyl decals and stickers.

Uses for MUSE 15 cutters include:

  • Custom vehicle graphics and fleet graphics
  • Commercial signs and banners
  • Decals for decorating drinkware (mugs & tumblers), laptops, lockers, etc.
  • Cutting heat transfer vinyl for league jerseys, custom fashion, and branded commercial apparel
  • Contour-cutting of desktop and wide-format digitally printed vinyl graphics
  • Architectural graphics: etched glass interior window displays, removable wall graphics, removable floor graphics
  • Scribe engraving of small-format plaques and directional signage
  • Cutting of stencil film and paint mask for wood signs and related sign and hobby applications
Muse ARTisan packages offer an affordable way to create custom vinyl designs

Bigger, But Easier to Use

MUSE ARTisan cutters are large, fast, and easy to use -- even for beginners. For example, the MUSE ARTisan Crafters’ Starter bundle comes with an EnduraGLOSS 6-year vinyl starter bundle, weeding tools, and Create Space software. (Create Space is a  user-friendly design app that works on both MAC and Windows PCs).

If you want a vinyl cutter bundle that’s big, fun, and simple, the MUSE ARTisan Crafter Bundle is an excellent option. Don't stop there -- check out your options in all the MUSE ARTisan packages to see which one is best for your plan. There's one especially-designed for crafters wanting to produce t-shirts and signs.

MUSE ARTisan features:

  • Simple, user-friendly control interface.
  • LED platen lighting makes managing work on the cutter easy.
  • Four individually activated pinch rollers for superior tracking
  • 8MB memory buffer handles large jobs with ease.
  • Wifi, Udisc Options for Remote Cutting: that supports sending jobs wirelessly over your home or office network. You're no longer tethered to your PC.
  • 1 Year Warranty

If you love technical reads, this Basic Guide to Buying Vinyl Cutters is for you!

Vinyl Varieties to Enhance Your Custom Decals

In addition to the wide variety of cutters and bundles available to assist you in creating your designs, you also have an array of vinyl colors and finishes to choose from when creating your custom vinyl decals and stickers. Get creative! Draw out your project and then design it based on the colors and depth of field you want to display with your vinyl.

Schein holographic vinyls

For example, check out the Schein holographic varieties and consider how they can be used for creative designs for window graphics and custom decals for motor sports. Here are tips for applying holographic vinyl.

Color chart for enduraGLOSS vinyl

For custom vinyl decals for outdoor use, EndraGLOSS adhesive vinyl is a soft glossy 3 mil intermediate vinyl used to produce outstanding vinyl graphics, providing up to 6 years outdoor durability.

Walls As Canvases

Design and advertising trends come and go, but using wall and window art for business advertising has been in use for decades. In recent years, homeowners have adopted wall art to express inspirational viewpoints, display family names, and decorate for parties using temporary vinyl designs and text.

If you are leaning toward creating custom vinyl decals for indoor walls, EnduraMATTE and Oracal 631 vinyl are great choices. EnduraMATTE is a removable adhesive vinyl, making it perfect for wall designs - both text and graphic. It comes in more than 24 matte colors and is ideal for indoor or short-term outdoor graphics as it offers three year outdoor durability.

Oracal 631 is available in 83 colors, and is a three-year, water-based, removable adhesive that cleans up easily up to two years after application. Change your mind - change your graphic!

So unleash your inner crafter. Explore the product choices you have in equipment and supplies to bring your imaginative or practical designs and applications to life. The variety of items you can create for yourself, your friends, or even to sustain a small business, is only limited by your imagination.

When you pair a quality vinyl cutter with a variety of custom vinyl colors and finishes, you will feel your creative juices flowing and produce attractive and creative products. You may even find yourself on that crafting website with all 5-star reviews!