No matter the size of any business, a new calendar year often means a new annual budget. Even if your fiscal year begins in a different month, a new year often inspires new goals and direction. There's a lot of juggling that goes on to make sure the budget will last the entire year. For sign makers, there are several factors to consider when considering what to spend in the new year.

Whether it is equipment or supplies, you want the best quality you can get within your budget. Just because you have a nice balance in your budget right now doesn't mean you want to spend it all at once. To keep the budget "in the black" all year long takes a well-thought-out strategy. For experienced and new sign makers, in order to make this year's budget last throughout the year and beyond, you need to research to find the best vinyl cutters for 2023.

Finding the Perfect Cutter

When the cutter choices were few, of course it was easier to choose. As technology advances, the number of cutters and technical features expands, and it can be overwhelming to review them all. You know don't want to just pick the shiniest, newest, fastest cutter. Those factors do not lead to the best choice. And you can't just go by word-of-mouth, since your projects are unique to what you aim to provide to your customers. SignWarehouse is here to help you weed through the best vinyl cutters for 2023 for your business.

Let's look at some of the cutter options for 2023 so you can do a quick comparison. You can get a visual overview here, and we will discuss the choices below.

Narrow the Choices

To help reduce the options to choose from, first narrow your focus. Are you looking for a small, medium, or large format cutter? How much and how often will it be used? And for what types of projects? Once you narrow your choices, then look for cutters best matching your needs and budget.

Review last year's sales and ask yourself a few probing questions: Which items and services were your best sellers? Which services were most requested? What feedback have you received from customers? And what services would you like to offer in 2023? 

Let's MUSE the Choices

MUSE cutters are well-respected in the craft and professional community. These cutters have features which can enhance the skills and productivity for beginner and experts. And they are easy to set up, so you can get to producing in a matter of minutes.

MUSE cutters have two main functions, which are marking, and, of course, cutting, allowing you to produce a large array of products. 

Marking. Using quick pulses of a laser, mark material to create detailed, sharp images from original art or existing images.

Cutting.  Efficient cutting, consistent tracking, excellent reliability, and the ability to cut a wide range of materials to give you the choice of productions.

Innovative Technology. MUSE cutters are known for their versatility. The cutting technology allows you and your customers to exercise creativity to create original artwork or duplicate items in rapid order 

Let's compare three popular MUSE cutters.

MUSE ARTisan - the Best Value

For craft and vinyl hobby cutting. Decals, sign letters, wall words and more. 4 pinch rollers. Ideal for crafters.

The MUSE ARTisan vnyl cutter is often underestimated because of its affordability. Don't be fooled - this cutter is a workhorse!

For crafters and hobbyists, this cutter is big, fast, and easy to use. It transforms your designs into outdoor-durable decals, HTV transfers, and more.

You have four choices for the MUSE ARTisan, because it comes in four packages: Crafter, Master, Master Plus, and Master Shirts and Sign.



For cutting decals, sign letters, wall words and more. 3 pinch rollers. Desktop cutter ideal for crafters ready to kick it up a notch.

Next up is the MUSE M15. It has standard features that rival cutters priced at double this cutter. Programmable LED platen lighting, camera-based automatic registration mark sensing, and a tool carriage that supports cutting and engraving are just some of the features.


The Crafter Starter, Crafter GlitterSOFT Bundles come with starter vinyl, tape, and helpful tools. The DarkJET comes with paper and transfer tape.



Finally in this series we have the MUSE M24.

MUSE M24 Master Package - Best Vinyl Cutters for 2023

With a starting price of under $1,000 for cutter bundles, this may prove to be your choice in best vinyl cutters for 2023. It features a tool carriage supporting a standard vinyl cutting blade, plus a pen tool and scribe engraving tool for use on acrylic sheeting.

There are four packages to choose from, each with unique add-ons for your field of expertise: Master, Master Plus, Crafter's Starter, and Master Signs and Shirts.


We're Here to Help You Choose

Any one of these MUSE vinyl cutters in various packages would be a great investment when deciding on the best vinyl cutters for 2023 for your business or crafting needs. Each MUSE package was compiled to best fit the requirements of sign makers or crafters who are looking to expand their product lines or services, and each has the MUSE reputation for quality and durability.

Find the best vinyl cutters for your business is easy once you narrow your focus and really concentrate on what products and services you want to specialize in or expand into. SignWarehouse offers a variety of cutters to align with your current and future needs and with your 2023 budget.

Signs, customized wearables, drinkables, wall art, or other projects need the perfect cutter. For crafters and professionals, SignWarehouse has the best cutters for 2023 and our team is here to help you in choosing the best professional and craft cutters for your unique needs!