Blogging is a powerful tool in the world of small business. Here are some tips for keeping your sign making blog interesting. If you have been writing your blog for awhile, chances are you have fallen into a bit of a rut. It happens to the best of us. We get into a routine that includes the same format, the same type of content, and the same general feel. While it is true that consistency is good, it can also be a bit boring. Readers may end up simply skimming over your content instead of actually reading it, since they are pretty sure they know what you are going to say. Avoid wasting your time writing content no one will read by implementing the following 7 tips:
  1. Add photos. Images break up text, making it easier to read. They also provide a visual clue as to the nature of the post. They can aid in understanding and help readers retain what they have read. Images catch the eye, and draw readers in.
  2. Write a killer headline. This one is totally easier said than done. However, once you have mastered the headline, you will be able to draw readers in in an instant. Engaging headlines that grab your attention are a great way to bring a little life to your blog. For tips on how to write better headlines, and better copy in general, check out Copyblogger and Men With Pens.
  3. Refine your keywords. If your blog has yet to attract the kind of readers you want, take a look at what keywords you are targeting. If you aren't targeting any, you've got bigger problems than bad keywords. Even if you aren't trying to get higher up on the search rankings, you should be targeting keywords. Keyword research shows you what type of things your target audience is searching, and when you put such keywords into rotation on your blog, you are making yourself easy to be found. Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to breath life into your blog.
  4. Use Pull Quotes. Pull quotes highlight small sections of text, making them stand out from the body of the text. They can be used to help readers remember the main points of the article, break up the text, or convince them to keep reading. A Plug-in such as Simple Pull Quotes are simple and work with WordPress blogs to create pull quotes.
  5. Spruce up your sidebar. Sidebars are the place where you keep your popular posts, buttons, widgets and other cool items. Your readers know it. The first thing a visitor to your blog zeros in on, after the blog title, is the sidebar. What kind of things are stored in your sidebar? How long has it been since you changed it around? Give the sidebar a new look, or a new tool, and chances are your whole blog will look a bit different.
  6. Enable threaded comments. Keep the conversation going on your blog by installing threaded comments. Threaded comments allow readers to comment directly below a specific comment, responding to other readers. This encourages dialogue between readers, networking them to your blog through conversations with others.
  7. Write about something completely unrelated. I know I just told you to research your keywords in order to attract more readers, and while the majority of your posts should be written this way, sometimes you need to just go off topic. Write about what it's like to own a small business, or about your favorite teacher in high school. Talk about whatever it is you feel like talking about at the moment. You'd be surprised at how well readers respond to these kind of off the cuff posts.

What other methods have you found useful in keeping your blog interesting?