Small sign making businesses have the advantage of being able to attend to customers on a level that bigger businesses can’t. Part of the draw of working with small sign businesses for many customers is the quality customer service they receive. Although most small businesses are stellar customer service providers, there is always room for improvement. With so much riding on the quality of your service, you’ll want to analyze your business and make sure you are doing the following 5 things for your customers:

1. Make friends. Over time you will need to build a personal relationship with each of your customers. This should start right from the first time you do business with them. Make each customer aware of the personal value they have for you and your small business.

2. Train and empower employees. Although you may have a small business with not a lot of leg room, you’ll want to make sure that your employees have at least a little bit of leeway when it comes to making decisions and helping customers.

3. Widen out. Get involved in the local community as much as you can. As a small business owner, the entire local community can be a part of your target market. Give back, make your presence known, and customers will see the added value of your small business.

4. Be a team player. Network with other local small business and provide joint services. Refer customers, offer special deals on multiple products or services. The more comprehensive your business and its connections are, the less your customers need to look around for outside help.

5. Stay connected. Email newsletters are a good way to let your customers know what is happening with your business. Send out email newsletters monthly alerting customers to sales, deals, and interesting or applicable developments in your business or the industry.

Keeping your customer service polished is a great way to boost confidence in your business. How do you provide your customers with the best customer service possible?