Led sign
LED signs offer colorful solutions for local sign needs.
All of us signmakers believe that signs are an integral part to any business, but they are especially important for small to medium size companies that have little or no budget for other forms of advertisement. Creating a variety of sign solutions will ensure that all of your customers find a sign that matches their needs. Have you started working with LED signs? They are a practical solution for many small businesses. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. LED signs are thinner, lighter, and easier to install than other lighted signs. They are easier to ship, transport, and deliver. In addition they are easier to install and much more versatile since they do not take up much space.

2. LED signs are brighter than other illuminated sign options. When in direct sunlight LED signs are still visible, and they have a higher distance range of viewing.

3. LED can be quite cost effective. Compared with neon signs they have a greater initial investment, but in the long run they are better for your budget. They require minimum maintenance and consume much less energy than their counterparts.

4. LED signs consume less energy thus they are more environmentally friendly. While neon signs leak argon and mercury, LED signs to do not leak anything

5. LED signs are a great way to customize your advertising message. There are full color LED signs, tricolor LED signs, and scrolling LED signs. Customers can change their sign message more often, adjusting their advertisement to match their business’ needs.

LED signs are an excellent option to include in your arsenal of sign products, especially when called upon to provide effective day and night outdoor advertisements.