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UniNet iColor Standard 550 2 Step Transfer Media - 'A' Foil


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Orders exceeding the stock on hand amount are processed as special orders, which require additional processing and shipping time and are not eligible for return.



The 2-Paper-System is recommended for use with the iColor 550 laser transfer printer for decorating dark garments with white toner.  Proper use produces brilliant color and consistent results.  iColor Standard 550 is a self-weeding solution for heat transfer applications on light, dark and colored apparel or materials with textile surfaces. The polymer coating on the loTemp B Paper was developed specifcally for use with the iColor 550's print engine and toner and produces superior results, especially with spot color white on dark apparel.  iColor Standard 550 media is also compatible with iColor 500 and 600 printers, but may not yield transfer quality on the same level as that achieved with the iColor 550. 

The A-Foil sheet is the transfer media on which you print your image. It holds the toner extremely well, but does not leave any residues in the copier or any background on the garment. No more guessing where the transfer is applied! The transparent foil gives precise placement on your garment. Now you can precisely place transfers onto your t-shirts and textiles. Use with iColor Standard 550 Lo-Temp B Paper to adhere the printed image to apparel. 

The Lo-Temp B Paper adds a layer of opaque white adhesive to the printed toner on the A Foil and bonds it to the fabric.  The special coating of the Lo-Temp B Paper develops its adhesive power starting at 212°F (100°C), allowing a variety of different materials or surfaces to be transfer printed. This paper brings the additional opacity, which is needed for vibrant colors by transfer printing on dark garments. The white opaque coating on the sheet only sticks to the toner on the A-Foil.

  • Transparent imaging sheet for precise placement of transfer on garment
  • Superior image quality and opacity on dark apparel 
  • Very consistent adhesive transfer from Lo-Temp B Paper 
  • Low Application temperature range of B LoTemp Paper  reduces risk of damaging sensitive fabrics
  • Fully compatible with OKI 711WT, OKI PRO 920WT, OKI Pro 8432WT, and iColor Series laser transfer printers
  • Short- to medium-term applications indoors
  • Specifically on painted drywall surfaces
  • For short- and medium-term marking
  • Lettering and 
  • Decoration in 
  • Exhibition building
  • Trade shows


Release Paper: Silicone coated paper on one side 135 g/m² which provides excellent weed-stripping properties. For white vinyl a light blue silicone paper is used to form a stronger contrast to lettering. 

Adhesive: Polyacrylate removable

Certificates: Fire behavior (DIN EN 13501-1): C-s3 d2 (flame resistant unlimited smoke production heavy droplets/particles). Only valid for applications on rigid PVC foam sheet ""Vekaplan SF 3 mm (density: ? 575 kg/m³ 750 kg/m³)

Extra precaution should be used when applying wall graphics to ""Low VOC"" or ""Zero VOC"" paints as these paints may exhibit lower adhesion levels.

Allowing graphics extended time after application before removing application tape allows adhesive further time to create a full bond (up to 24 hours).