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HTX Sublimation Blank - Hardboard Keychain


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HTX Hardboard keychains are polymer-coated sublimation blanks. HTX hardboard keychains come in 16 different shapes and are one-side printable. These hardboard keychains are great for fundraisers, personalized gifts, promotional items, and much more!

 *Some items may have a protective film that may give the keychain a brown tint. Once removed, the item is ready to sublimate.


  • 16 different shapes to choose from!
  • Hardboard Keychain
  • Sublimatable
  • Comes with keyring
  • Sold in quantities of 5

Sublimation Instructions:

Note: Some of the keychains have a protective film. This can cause some of the keychains to have a brown tint with them, once the protective film is removed, the blank is ready to sublimate. Do NOT attach the keyring till after pressing.

  1. Print your image mirrored on sublimation paper.
  2. Set your heat press to medium pressure.
  3. Set printing temperature to 375° F/190° C and time to 50 seconds.
  4. Tape the image on the blank with heat tape. Place a piece of regular copy paper or Kraft paper on the lower platen.
  5. Place the item with the printable side up and another piece of regular copy paper or Kraft paper. This will help keep the ink from sublimating into the lower platen or the heating element. If the ink gets into the lower platen or heating element, it could cause issues with future presses.
  6. When finished, remove the paper and print it from the keychain. To cool the blank down, you can place it in a bowl of water to remove the paper with ease.
  7. Once cool, you can attach the keyring using the plastic hook.

Sublimation Instructions:

  • For sublimation, press at 375° F/190° C for 60 seconds with medium pressure
  • Great for sublimation or applying sign vinyl for personalization