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Graphtec CE7000-ASC 15-inch Vinyl Desktop Sheet Cutter and Media Tray

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The Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter is a great companion product to a desktop inkjet or high production laser printer. The Graphtec CE7000 ASC is designed to automatically feed and contour cut sheet media in pages up to 13" x 19" without the need for an operator.  An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it in the cutter.  Included software and CCD camera accurately align media for contour / perforation cutting of pre-printed graphics - efficiently freeing up labor to work on other tasks.  Once completed, each sheet neatly falls into the catch tray. Additional sheets of the same design can be loaded during cutting without resending the job from a computer, further enhancing productivity.

It can handle up to 200 sheets, depending on the thickness of the media, in a continuous cycle.  It can even handle the addition of further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process.  This capability sets the Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter apart from any comparable sheet-fed system.

450 grams of cutting force enable users to produce small and medium size runs of labels, business cards, heat transfer apparel, and more.  Using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw EPS file types, simply add registration marks to your design and import to the bundled iMark software for fast, high quality results. Cut labels and cut time with the new Graphtec CE7000 Automatic Sheet Cutter. 

Features Include:

AUTO SHEET FEEDER UNIT: An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it into the cutter. The CE7000 ASC can place sheet sizes up to Super A3 to A4 in the supply tray.
It can also stack up to 200 sheets of media or up to 1.4 inches (35 mm) high on the media supply tray.

The CE7000 detects barcode-linked cutting data from the operator's PC or USB flash memory, opens the correct file, sets the cutting conditions, and starts cutting automatically.

• CCD CAMERA: The ASC's advanced CCD camera mounted on the top cover of the cutter quickly detects 2-point reference marks for aligning the contour & printed images.  The ASC performs various kinds of contour cutting including half cuts, perforation cuts, dashed-line cuts and special cutting-emulated creasing.  This versatility supports expanded kinds of production of printed packaging, labeling, and marketing materials. The precision of the top-mounted CCD Camera even supports contour-cutting printed materials with trapezoidal distortion.

• CATCH TRAY:  After cutting is completed, the ASC automatically places sheets in the tray.

• DIGITAL CUTTING SOFTWARE: Dedicated software controls the auto sheet feeding system and transfers contour cutting data to the plotter.  The software* configures cutting conditions such as number of copies, cutting force, cutting speed, offset, and number of paths, and it can import Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW EPS files as the contour data. 

* Windows compatible only.


• Labels
• Contour-cut custom apparel with heat transfer materials
• POP materials for marketing and merchandising

Brochure & Specifications: Click Here

Download Graphtec Software: Click Here