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Carrier Sheets Craft ROBO & ROBO Pro - A3 13 in x 19 in - 2 pack

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A carrier sheet is for cutting anything that doesn't have a release liner. Vinyl cutters are typically designed to cut only media (vinyl) with a release liner. The cutter blade cuts through the top layer of the vinyl and adhesive but does not cut all the way through penetrating the liner. If the blade were to cut through the liner, eventually there would be damage to the teflon strip. The strip would become scarred and uneven and there would no longer be a flat surface under the vinyl. This would make the depth of the cuts inconsistent.

Yet obviously, to cut paper and cardstock, the blade must cut all the way through the material. To accomplish this without damaging the teflon strip, the Craft ROBO comes with a patented Graphtec carrier sheet. The user places paper or cardstock on the carrier sheet (which is coated with a low tack adhesive) to hold it in place. This enables the user to cut without damaging or scarring the cutter protection strip.

Size of Sheet: 14" x 20.25"

  • 2 pack- Carrier Sheets Craft ROBO & ROBO Pro - A3 13 in x 19 in - 2 pack