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EnduraGLOSS: Cuts Perfectly. Easy to Weed. Adheres Permanently. Durable. Affordable. Awesome. Enough Said?

Outdoor. Indoor. And everywhere in between. Insanely durable. Insanely EnduraGloss.

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6-Year Outdoor Lifetime.

Come rain, come shine, EnduraGloss endures it all.

Easy & Extreme Applications.

Brighten up a rain-protected window, or decal up a truck that’s out in the rain or mud.

Flexible. Durable. Lasts.

We perfected EnduraGloss for situations where you need quality, but that’s budget-friendly too. When you need to display quality to your customers, you need EnduraGloss.

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So Many Applications.

Architectural signage. Retail signage. Point-of-purchase graphics. Decals. And more. You design it, and EnduraGloss will make it last.

So Many Sizes, For Every Application:

Decal a car, a mug, and anything in between.

Color. Color. Color.

Variety is the name of the game. EnduraGLOSS comes in all these colors:

Full Features Breakdown.


  • Soft, 3 mil intermediate calendared glossy vinyl
  • Easy release 78# clay coated liner
  • Ideal temporary outdoor graphics
  • Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive


  • Thickness - Clear and Gloss Colors 3.0 mils.
  • Dimensional Stability - Flat surfaces and simple curves.
  • Temperature Ranges - Minimum application temperature +40•F.
  • Temperature Ranges - Service temperature range - 40•F to +200•F.
  • Expected Lifetime Exterior - Up to 6 years under normal exposure conditions.


  • Adhesion - Permanent, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • 6 years outdoor
  • Easy to cut & weed
  • Thermal printable not suitable for inkjet printers
  • Flat surfaces & simple curves
  • Outstanding quality & economy

Pros Speak Out

“I have worked in the sign industry for 15 years. This cuts like a champ.”
“Exceeds expectations. This machine actually does more than it seems. The best is the customer care and advice.”
“Works better than I thought it would and I have had zero issues… Setup was simple and software works great.”
“Great machine.”
“Really good tech support.”
“Can’t live without it.”
“Excellent product.”

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Is this an adhesive backed film?

Yes. EnduraGLOSS is a self-adhesive PVC film on a release liner. It’s designed for use in craft and professional vinyl cutters for the production of vinyl signs, stickers, banners, and more.

Will it work in my Cricut/Silhouette craft cutter?

Yes Most craft and hobby cutters have settings for cutting 3 mil calendared vinyls. Use those settings and you should have good success with EnduraGLOSS. It’s available in 8” and 12” rolls and sheets to accommodate craft and hobby customers, as well as 15”, 24”, and 30” widths for professional sign businesses.

Does the white EnduraGLOSS come on a white release liner?

Yes. All colors but white come on a white release liner. The liner on White EnduraGLOSS is light blue. This adds contrast that makes it easier to see and weed white vinyl graphics.

Where is it made?

All EnduraGLOSS vinyl is made in the USA

How long does it last?

EnduraGLOSS is so named because it has excellent UV resistance. It’s warranted for up to six years outdoors in vertical applications.

Can I use this on wooden blanks or sign boards?

That’s a definite maybe. Sign industry vinyl is not engineered to be applied to raw wood. Successful adhesion will depend on the smoothness of the surface and the presence or condition of any coatings used to treat the wood. More information is available here on our Sign College blog.

Can I use this for interior wall graphics?

EnduraGLOSS has a permanent adhesive and a high gloss finish. These are not ideal attributes for interior wall graphics. The gloss finish can cause reflections that inhibit legibility and the permanent adhesive may remove or damage paint if/when the graphics are removed.
EnduraMATTE vinyl is a better fit for this application due to its matte finish and removable adhesive.

Can I use this to make vinyl decals on mugs & tumblers?

Certainly. Many of our customers use EnduraGLOSS to create custom decals for ceramic mugs, tumblers, and similar items. Here are some tips from our blog.

Can I use this to make decals on a plastic cooler?

Another definite maybe. Some plastics have attributes that make vinyl adhesion difficult. These are referred to a ‘low energy plastics” and are not recommended for use with most sign industry vinyls. Textured surfaces commonly found on plastic coolers can further degrade adhesion and make vinyl decoration difficult. For more information, please refer to our Sign College blog article.

How does it compare to ORACAL 651?

They’re similar, but not identical. Both are intermediate calendared vinyls with comparable gloss levels and outdoor durability. EnduraGLOSS has a softer face film than 651. This means that 651 can be easier to weed, but more difficult to release. EnduraGLOSS may require a little more care in weeding, but will be easier to release with medium or high-tack transfer tape.