If you’ve ever taken on a vinyl graphics job that requires using a different vinyl and wondered how to set your cutter, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common challenges in vinyl graphics. We often get questions from customers about how to cut different kinds of films on their cutters.

Since not every vinyl cutter handles force and speed settings the same way, there is no universal answer. The speed and force settings for cutting EnduraGLOSS vinyl for instance are not the same on a MUSE M24 and Vinyl Express Q30.  To help provide useful guidance for all of our customers, we’ve put together a comprehensive vinyl cutter settings guide.

Vinyl Cutters Settings Guide

The Vinyl Cutter Recommended Materials Settings Guide includes recommended speed, force, and blade settings for almost all of the vinyl cutters sold by SignWarehouse. You’ll find comprehensive guidance for Graphtec, Roland DG, Vinyl Express, and MUSE plotters, including legacy products like the Rogue Series and R31.

Supported materials include cast and calendared vinyl, reflective films, heat transfer films, and various stencil films.

Click here to download the Vinyl Cutters Settings Guide and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.