All wide format printers need to be used every week!

  • Regular and consistent ink flow is key to maintaining a wide format solvent printer. This means that you need to print with your printer every week, at the least. Using you printer several times a week is even better and is part of the regular maintenance cycle of your printer.
  • If you are not going to use your printer for more than a week, you need to plan on doing a “long store” procedure which will flush your printer out. Then you can let it sit for long periods without fear of damage.
  • Due to the Pandemic, many have not been able to use their printers every week. Some were not able to run a “Long Store” procedure, and the printer might have set idle for some weeks, and in some cases, months.
  • Letting your printer sit unused can result in severe damage to your printer. This damage is not covered by your warranty, and in fact, can void your warranty.
  • If your printer has set unused for several weeks, likely you will be looking at replacing the ink delivery system including supply tubing, dampers, and in extreme cases, expensive print heads. The accumulated costs can run to several thousands of dollars, which are not covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, here a are some expected costs:
    • Maintenance Station - $600 + Labor
    • Ink Supply Lines - $12/foot + Labor
    • Dampers - $250 + Labor
    • Print Heads $2900 + labor
    • The standard labor charge is $120/hour
  • In some cases, especially if the printer is several years old, it may be a better use of funds to replace the printer, instead of repairing it.

Recommended Maintenance & Usage of the PrismJet® Printers

Regular and consistent ink flow is key to maintaining a solvent printer so that it will perform at 100% when needed and used.

The machine must be used at least three time per week while printing with 100% of the nozzles firing all channels of the ink configuration. This can be achieved using minimal ink and media. The best way to achieve this is to print the SAI Color Tester image file (FIG 1) at least 3 times per week. For more detailed information about recommended usage, please refer to the PrismJET VJ54 Recommended Usage article.

FIG 1: Use the SAI_Color_Tester_2019 file to keep your printer's ink delivery system optimal. Click to download the PDF.

Daily & weekly maintenance are key factors as well in ensuring a long life for your machine.

  • Clean the cap top seal, wiper assembly and print head at a minimum weekly or daily as needed.
  • To maintain flow through the maintenance assembly, pour a small amount (eye dropper full) of the recommend cleaning solution in the cap top and allow it to drain through the maintenance assembly and into the waste container.

For more detailed guidelines, please refer to the PrismJET VJ54 Recommended Maintenance article.