If your R-Series cutter is is making random or incomplete cuts, it's possible that it is receiving information too quickly to process. Make these changes for a more fluid transfer of information to the cutter.


  1. Disconnect cables (power and communication)
  2. Delete setup in software (Production Manager), and add the setup again.
  3. Reconnect cables and increase the speed on the cutter.
    • We recommend running at the maximum speed of 600. If greater detail is needed you can lower the speed, but it should never drop below 400.
  4. Adjust Performance Settings in the Software
    • Open your Cut/Plot window and go to the third tab (Options). In the Driver Options field make sure all colors are set to None. If they are set to Cut, you can change it by clicking Edit.
    • In the fourth tab (Advanced) you'll want to make sure everything is unchecked except Overcut and that Overcut is set to 0.05in.
    • Click on Properties at the top of the screen. This will open the Default Job Properties window. Go to the third tab (Cut). Make sure Knife Offset is checked and set to 0.011in.
    • In that same tab, click on Cutter Options. In this window change the drop down box from Cut to None. Hit OK and save all of these settings.