Download this driver to operate your R-Series with Windows 8 and 10. After saving it to your computer, double click on the folder and choose to extract all. A new window will come up. Choose to put the files into a new folder on the Desktop. You’ll have to create the new folder after you Browse to the Desktop.
  1. Once you have the extracted files in their new folder, open the folder, open Update Driver and run the CDM by double clicking on it. A prompt will pop up asking if you want to run the file, choose yes. You should then see a black DOS window open that has a progression of dots going across indicating that it is installing. The dots should go about all the way across the screen. If they don’t, check the security programs on the computer as something is not allowing it to install.
  2. Once the black screen has disappeared check that it installed correctly. Go to Start in Windows, then right click on My Computer and choose Manage. Select Device Manager. Then click the arrow beside Ports.
  3. Right click the USB serial port (which is the cutter) and choose Properties. (If you do not see USB serial listed make sure the cutter is connected to the computer and powered on.)
Note: This driver is not recommended for operating systems preceding Windows 8. R Series Pic