With a large format printer the size of the PrismJET VJ64, many customers want to upgrade to larger ink cartridges to reduce costs and increase productivity. The standard plug-in ink cartridges for the VJ64 are 220ml plug-in cartridges with EnduraINK PRO eco-solvent ink. For improved economy and productivity, we offer the EnduraINK PRO high-capacity ink adapter kit.

The next size up from the 220ml cartridge is a 440ml cartridge. However, these are not compatible with the horizontal orientation of the slots in the VJ64's ink delivery system. So the only supported 'bulk ink' option for the 64" PrismJET is a high-capacity ink adapter that holds four one-liter (1,000ml) bags.

Of course, you'll need a set of CMYK one-liter ink bags and the four-color adapter kit. You can order them both here.

Installation is relatively quick and easy. Here's how to install your high-capacity ink adapter in your PrismJET VJ64 printer.

Download instructions for installing the High Capacity Ink Adapter Kit.