These instructions for proper large format printer upkeep can be applied to most large format printers. Read the manual for your specific printer model for more detailed instructions.

Daily Use

Despite widespread belief that it is best to print as little as possible, frequent printing is essential to successful printer upkeep. Experienced printer operators know to print daily in order to prevent ink from drying in the lines or nozzles. Download Sign Warehouse’s “Daily Maintenance Print" file and PRINT EVERY DAY! This particular file requires little media and uses small volume of 100% CMYK ink.

Periodic Maintenance

Certain parts of your printer need to be cleaned daily while others can stand to be cleaned but once every couple of months. The following supplies may have come with your printer as part of the provided cleaning kit. The kit can also be purchased at Substituting unapproved cleaning items may damage your printer and void your warranty.

Clean 1 - 2 Times per Week

Clean Wiper
The wiper can be cleaned using either the foam swabs or the lint free cloth. Either Eco-cleaning solution or Isopropyl Alcohol may be used in conjunction with the cleaning utensil of choice. Wipe the front of the wiper in a horizontal motion.
Wipe the back of the wiper in a vertical motion.
Clean Around Cap
Using either a foam swab or a lint free cloth soaked in Eco-cleaning solution or Isopropyl Alcohol, wipe around the edges of the rubber cap. This ensures a good seal is maintained during head cleaning process.
  • Do not touch the Rubber Cap. Oil from your hands may prevent the cap from sealing properly.

Clean Once a Week

Cleaning Around Print Head
Using a foam swab or lint free cloth, clean the following areas under the carriage:
  • Stainless steel ring around the head
  • Space between the print head and the guide ramps
  • Bottom sides of the guide ramps
  • Any other areas under the print head carriage that appears to have ink or dirt build-up
When cleaning the Print Heads
  • Do not touch the bottom of the heads
  • Do not clean the nozzle surface witht the cleaning device.
  • Do not use water to clean the head. Nozzle clogging may occur.
  • Do no re-use dirty foam swabs or lint free cloths.
To clean behind the print head, position the foam swab parallel to the pressure roller and slide the swab behind the carriage. To clean either move the swab in a horizontal motion or move the carriage back and forth.
Clean the front of the head in a horizontal motion.
To clean the area between the head and the guide ramps, position the carriage such that it is just off the right side of the platen. Work the swab under the head, being especially careful not to touch the nozzle surface area.

Clean the space between the head and the guide ramps.

Clean Once a Month

Replace Flush Box Sponge
Open the front cover to remove and replace the flush box insert.