With an SAi Cloud account, your VE LXi and Flexi software is never more than a few keystrokes away. However, a customer may want to install his/her software to a computer that's not on the Internet. The process does involve additional steps, but it is possible.
  1. On a computer that is connected to the internet, visit www.saicloud.com to create a cloud account and download the software to a portable storage device (USB, memory card, or external hard)
  2. Carry the download to the standalone computer and install the software.
  3. When the install is near the end and cannot contact the licensing server it will show a window with the computer ID. Take the computer ID and the Name of the computer back to the Online computer and complete a license and then download it.
  4. Carry that license file back to the Stand alone computer and import it. Launch the software.
Users will handle all updates the same way.