All inkjet printers require regular maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining your printer protects your investment and assures long life and uninterrupted production. Some of the regular maintenance requires replacing consumables such as wiper blades and flushing pads. One of these required tasks for PrismJET owners is the PrismJET VJ54 maintenance station replacement.

The maintenance station assembly, or 'capping station', is a consumable. The manufacturer's guidance is to replace it at least once a year with normal use. If your printer runs several hours a day, five or more days per week, you may need to replace the maintenance station assembly more frequently to keep everything flowing well.

There is a wrinkle involving the lines that run under the cap top that drain ink into the waste ink bottle. Some customers have mishandled this step and encountered ink flow issues. So we created a simple step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Please click thel ink below to view and download the instructions for successful replacement of your VJ54 maintenance station assembly.

How to replace maintenance station assembly in VJ54 printer