Watch start-to-finish instructions on how to setup a new EnduraLAM 3 Laminator.


  • The EnduraLAM3 is a heavy machine. Users run the risk of injury when attempting to lift it alone, so draft friends or coworkers to help you.
    • Two to four participants are recommended
  • Do not remove protective wrapping from the pressure roller until instructed.
  • Do not rotate handle to lift pressure roller until instructed.



  • Use gloves to cut and remove the metal strapping from around the crate.
  • Remove the top and at least one main (long) side of the box for greater access.
  • Remove all parts from the crate.
    • Allow yourself enough room to spread out parts.
    • Consider grouping similar parts for convenience.
    • Use your manual to take inventory of parts as you remove them from the crate.

Assembling the Stand

  • Position the two stand legs upright.
    • Know that the feet of the legs will be wider than the top.
    • The top portion of each leg will have a cross bar forming an "H".
  • Use the largest provided bolts to connect 1 of the 2 long bars (with boxed sides) to both legs.
  • Repeat the process with the other long bar.
  • Lay the stand on its side to add the long steel plate.
    • The plate can be added to either side facing outward (lips inside).
    • Requires 4 bolts.
  • Add the long, cylindrical pole to the opposing side of the stand.
    • Bolt the pole into the holes closest to the stand's end (not the middle hole).
  • Stand frame upside down.
    • This means the widest part of the legs will be facing upward.
    • The plate and pole will be close to the ground.
  • Position locking wheels on all four corners.
  • Fasten the wheels to the frame using the provided bolts and washers.
    • 4 at each wheel (16 total)
  • Stand frame upright.
    • Wheels on ground.
  • Lock wheels before placing laminator.

Securing the Laminator

  • Position the laminator and stand as close to each other as possible before lifting the laminator.
  • Before moving, understand the intended placement.
    • The 4 bolt-heads under the laminator's lower frame will rest within the 4 large holes found on the stand's leg plates.
  • Use the remaining 4 bolts and washers to secure the laminator to the furthest corners of the stand.

Final Preparation

  • Connect the foot pedal to the back of the machine.
  • Connect the power switch also to the back of the machine.
  • Remove the locking pins from the media bar's cradle.
  • Install the media bars (2).
    • One side of the cradle has a key that must align within the cavity found at one end of the media bar.
  • Return the locking pin.
  • Remove the protective wrap from the pressure rollers.
  • Attach the media table to the front of the machine.
    • The table has slots that will rest around and on top of pin protruding from the laminator's frame.
  • Place the media guide rod.
    • The guide rests on the media table.
  • Rotate the main handle to raise the upper pressure roller.
  • Use an Allen wrench to remove the roller spacers at both ends of the pressure rollers.