The EnduraCUT III'S AASII system makes contour cutting around printed images fast and accurate.

Instructions for Contour Cutting with EnduraCUT3 (and LXi Rip)
  1. Import Image (File, Import)
  2. With image selected, click "Effects" in the tool bar and "Contour Cut"
  3. Choose which type of CC effect (contour, rectangle, ellipse)
  4. Adjust border offset as needed
  5. Click green check mark to apply effect
  6. Open RIP and Print Window (using "File" menu or toolbar icon)
  7. Adjust number of copies
  8. Choose Contour Cut tab
  9. Confirm cutter and port
  10. Confirm job instructions (as separate job)
  11. Select registration mark
    • Type (GCC AAS II)
    • Check one set for all copies
    • Un-check for individual registration marks
  12. Driver options ("None" in order to control speed on the cutter)
  13. Advance printer to leave at least 2 inches of media before printing registration marks
  14. Send job
  15. Advance printer to leave at least 4 inches of media before printing registration marks
  16. Remove media from printer
  17. Lift grip rollers and load printed material onto the cutter from the back of the machine.
    • Load in the same direction it came off of the printer
  18. Lower grip rollers to secure media
  19. Advance media and align blade over the point of the first registration mark to the right.
  20. Press "Enter" on the EnduraCUT III to set the origin point.
  21. Send the contour cut job that is holding in software.
Once receiving the information, the cutter will scan the registration marks and cut around the printed image accordingly.