It is important to use and clean your ValueJet-426UF regularly to avoid unwanted drying and clogged nozzles caused from sitting idle. For this reason, the printer’s Virtual Status Monitor (VSM) is programmed to help keep the ink agitated and printer clean through regularly scheduled automatic cleanings. Of course, we all want to properly adjust auto-cleaning settings, so we will talk about that in this article. 

If left at its default settings, the printer will perform four automatic cleanings a day. However, SignWarehouse recommends adjusting the VSM’s settings to perform automatic cleanings only once per day in order to save ink and money while still maintaining your ValueJet-426UF printer. To change the frequency of your printer’s automatic cleanings, you’ll first need to open the Virtual Status Monitor. Click your printer model (ValueJet-426UF) to connect. Click REMOTE PANEL, and then the far-right tab entitled ADVANCED SETTING.

The setting we want to adjust is AUTO CLEANING, and is typically found on the seventh row from the top. The 360 minute default means that machine will currently perform an automatic cleaning every 6 hours. In order to perform the automatic cleaning only once every 24 hours, change this field to 1440 minutes.

There is no save button. To confirm your changes were saved, return to the PRINTER STATUS tab. Then, click the ADVANCED SETTING tab one more time. The auto cleaning field should still show 1440 minutes.

Using this process will make sure you know how to proerply adjust auto-cleaning settings - for your success!