If you say something often enough people will believe it, whether it’s true or not. That’s how the Rolling Stones became "the world’s greatest rock-n-roll band". I don’t know how you feel about the Stones, but the fact is that title didn't come from a music critic. Mick and the boys simply decided to anoint themselves as the greatest and eventually, the name stuck. Such is the power of marketing and repetition.

These days, the sign industry is seeing something similar regarding vehicle wraps. As absurd as it sounds, we've actually had customers tell us they could not do vehicle wraps unless they were certified by a specific distributor. Jumpin' Jack Flash – you've gotta be kidding!

Allow me to set the record straight. Professional training is a wonderful thing, but a vehicle wrap certification is nothing more than a piece of paper saying that you've been to a seminar. All you really need to succeed in the vehicle wraps business is talent, equipment, customers and know-how. That last part is where the seminars and certificates come in. You could acquire the know-how by trial and error - but that tends to damage your reputation and alienate your customers. So if you're like most sign makers, a training class is the most efficient way to jump start your vehicle wraps division. But it's not a U.N. mandate.

I highly recommend that if you want to venture into vehicle wraps, you sign up for one of the many qualified training programs available and get some expert advice. Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl presents unique challenges. You may have to remove door handles, mirrors, or badges to get the look you and you customer want. If there are horizontal elements in the design, you have to decide whether to print them or add them as vinyl elements on top of the wrap. And of course, you have to figure out where you have to use cast vinyl, where you can use an ultra-calendared film, and how best to handle the media. So by all means find a wrap seminar and get yourself schooled.

There are wrap seminars being conducted all over the country, sponsored by Oracal, Avery, 3M, and others. SignWarehouse has hosted several Oracal Wrap Seminars. This two-day learning experience combines classroom instruction and hands on training. And if you should attend one of these, you'll get a lot of useful experience, and a pretty piece of paper from "The World’s Greatest Wrap Seminar"!