We're all thinking about saving money. While business owners are looking for ways to save money while increasing profits, so are their customers, many of whom are business owners themselves.

In these difficult economic times, why do wholesale stores like Sam’s Club and Costco continue to report high sales figures? Because they are volume sellers. The “save when you buy in bulk” advertising strategy works. Haven’t we all walked out of a wholesale club with far more items than we intended to purchase? And while they may be selling items at a discount, companies like Sam’s and Costco stay in the black because their customers are convinced they are saving money by purchasing from those businesses.

Can small business owners catch the “buy in bulk” wave? Yes, they can. Create your own bulk sales business plan tailored to your customers. Put forward a Buy X, Get Y promotion. Everyone likes to get something free! Or what about offering a volume discount on orders over a specific dollar or item amount? Even a small savings of 5% can bring in extra orders from existing customers, and may draw in new customers. Consider putting out a monthly or even weekly newsletter with coupon codes and special promotions that encourage high volume buying. This is a win-win situation for both customers and and sellers. Customers win because they get a volume discount or a free item. Business owners win because sales numbers rise. Everyone loves to be a winner.

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