Laurelhurst Theater Portland OR (c)Vintage Roadside
First opened in 1923, the original single screen could seat 650 people. (Photo courtesy Vintage Roadside)

This time we are going to link to Vintage Roadside's neon sign collection of over 450 photos on flickr. (Example is to the left.) This theater is still running in Portland OR, even though it opened long ago in 1923 with 650 seats. It was one of the first art deco style theaters of the period.

You usually don't see these old neon signs any more, instead we are seeing those electronic LED billboards pop up everywhere---ugh! They have many cool T-shirts and other gifts they sell for a nominal cost, and it looks like they have been collecting interesting neon sign shots for well over 10 years. And a portion of their proceeds go to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Take a look and enjoy the browse.