Standard or High Performance?

The two most widely used kinds of window tint film are dyed charcoal films and metalized high-performance films. SignWarehouse offers both films in our EnduraTINT product line. EnduraTINT standard film is a dyed charcoal film designed to match the look of factory-tinted windows at an economical price. It comes with a three year warranty against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and de-lamination. Some dyed charcoal films will change color over time as the various colors of dye succumb to the sun’s UV radiation at different stages. The result is a purple hue which tends to look cheap. EnduraTINT is a higher grade of film that will fade over time but will not change colors. Even our entry level film is of superior quality!

For your most demanding customers, we also offer EnduraTINT High performance metalized film. High performance film is also dyed, but uses a charcoal and metal construction optimized for outward visibility, while reducing glare day and night from sunlight and headlights. The metalized construction also provides superior heat rejection which keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler, adding to the comfort of the occupants and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Because of its superior durability and performance, many installers charge a $20 to $50 premium for tint jobs using high-performance film. Standard sizes for window tint film range from 24” to 40” in width; 24” film being ideal for pickup trucks while a wider film is best for most full-sized sedans. Follow this link for more information on EnduraTINT film including size and price options.

VLTs and Legalities Whether you’re using standard or high performance, you need to know the basics of VLTs. VLT stands for visible light transmission. The films most commonly used range from 5 to 30% with 35% being the most popular. A lower VLT allows less light to pass through the tinted glass. Most states will allow nothing darker than 35% on the driver and front passenger side windows. Check your state’s laws before deciding which VLTs your shop will offer.

Even at a modest 35%, a professionally-installed tint job gives a car a custom look and enhances pride of ownership. The enhanced visual appeal means that not only will the car be cooler inside, it will look just as “cool” on the outside.