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What concepts can you embrace to dominate the sign making niche in your local area?

Some people just seem to know how to captivate an audience. We find ourselves paying attention to the most random of people, oftentimes for little or no reason. For example, is there a Trump building in your city? When was the last time you heard about Lady Gaga on the news? What popular candy makes mouths happy? We're not trying to get as famous as Trump, Gaga, or Twizzlers, but we can take a few lessons from them on how to increase our audience and build a better business.

1. Be everywhere. People need to see your sign business, they need to see your face, they need to recognize who you are. Instead of just doing one thing, like having a website, try taking advantage of every medium you have to promote your business.

Think of ways you can boost your visibility and your profile to increase your audience. Post to your website or blog. Post to others website. Make a little video about your small business. Use different methods of advertisement. Twitter, Facebook, all of these "new social media" can have an impact. Make it your aim to participate in every place you are allowed to.

2. Barter. Just because you don't have a cash reservoir the size of Lake Titicaca doesn't mean you can't play the game. Rather than trying to buy your audience, or your customers, try and use leverage to gain access to them.

Scope out a business that you can do a joint project with. Involve yourself in a charitable event. Do anything that will open your business up to the customer bases of other businesses, accessing a clientele that may have otherwise been closed to you.

3. Go above and beyond. Extravagance makes headlines. How can your business make people sit up and take notice? Perhaps you can bring to the table an over-the-top positive attitude, a stubborn commitment to the project, or a variety of expertise.

Aim to shock your customers, in a good way. If you can't do it in excess, try doing the exact opposite: paying perfect attention to every little detail. Remember the old Avis rental car slogan, "We try harder." If you stand out in the way you handle business, your business will stand out all on its own.

While you may think such extremes are out of reach for your small business, keep in mind, you'll never know until you try.