The Digital Dynamic Duo for Car Wraps

PrismJET 230 Ultra - Glossy Printable Car Wrap Vinyl

Some things like just work better together: peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel. Maybe some of those combinations are outdated, but you get the point. SignWarehouse has our own digital printing dynamic duo for car wraps: PrismJET 230 Ultra vinyl and PrismJET 231 overlaminate film!

What is the best way to protect your PrismJET prints from scratches, gasoline, alley cats, and other hazards? Try using a duo of digiital printing overlaminating film! Just as Batman needs Robin, PrismJET 230 Ultra works much better with PrismJET 231 Overlaminating film, which is its matching overlaminate. What makes this such a super team?

Cut from the Same Cloth

Both are engineered from the same ultra-calendered, highly conformable polymeric face film. As we previously discussed, PrismJET 230 offers extraordinary conformability on flat and simple curves including surfaces with rivets and corrugations. It’s ideal for the vast majority of commercial vehicle wrap installations which don’t include challenging compound curves. But if you cover an ultra-calendered print film with a standard calendered film, the laminate may not be conformable enough to adhere to the print.

This mismatch in elasticity can cause a failure due to lifting or excessive shrinking of the overlaminate film. You could err on the side of caution and laminate with a 2mil cast film. (Generally speaking, it’s safe to apply cast overlaminate film to calendered base film, but not the other way around. Never put a calendered overlaminate on a cast film). But why would you put cast overlaminate on a product designed to minimize cost without sacrificing quality?

Since 230 Ultra is much less expensive than a cast film, there is a significant cost savings. But if you laminate it with a cast film, some of your cost savings evaporate. Using the matched ultra calendered overlaminate is the perfect solution. You get customer-pleasing performance at a competitive price and will create a digital printing overlaminating flm masterpiece!

I Can Save How Much?!

Speaking of price, how much does the dynamic duo charge for their work? The combined square foot cost for 54” x 50 yard roll of PrismJET 230 and a 54” x 50 yard roll of PrismJET 231 is only $1.24. That’s 50% less than the cost of a 2mil cast vinyl and overlaminate.

Look at it another way. Using PrismJET 230 & PrismJET 231 costs about $450 less than using comparably sized rolls of cast film and overlaminate. Those are dollars that go straight to your bottom line. That’ll buy a whole lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.