Working from home
5 reasons to continue working from home, plus 2 little more!

Running a successful home sign business can be a major challenge, especially when your home includes a family. Many home business owners struggle to find balance between work and family, and both relationships can end up suffering. Part of the balancing act of running a home business includes getting your family involved in the business.

Have you found a good way to get your family involved in the company? Try putting the following tips into practice to help your family get more involved in the business, or at least feel more comfortable with it being run in your family home.

  1. Sit down with your family and discuss the work schedule that you or any employees will be adhering to. Make sure that the schedule works for everyone in the family.
  2. Set aside time to sit with your spouse privately and discuss how the business will be run. If a mate is unhappy, the whole family will suffer.
  3. Block off several hours each day when the house will be quiet for you to focus on important tasks.
  4. Let your kids help out with little tasks. They will likely enjoy being part of the company.
  5. Make sure your work day ends. There is nothing worse than a workaholic working from home. Come 5:00 or so get out of business mode and get into family mode. Not working on Saturday or Sunday won't kill you and it will do wonders for your family!

Remember, you never want to force family to be involved in something they don't want to have a share in. Try to make the business fun for everyone, but respect it when family members (moody adolescents) don't want to get involved. With time they may come around to the idea of working for the family business, but the last thing you want to do is drive them away.

Even if they end up never working with you, doing everything you can to maintain a good personal relationship with your family members is much more important than any business relationship you might have hoped to create.